EF0 Tornados Hit Topeka and Lake Perry

Tornados Hit Topeka, Lake Perry!


Weak tornados touched down in southwestern and southeastern Topeka, then again in Jefferson County at Lake Perry.  Surveys of these tornados indicated winds of 65 to 85 mph occurred with the tornados causing minor damage in their paths, including knocking down a concession stand at the Washburn Rural High School track and field, some minor roof damage in southwest Topeka and blowing over a camper trailer at 29th and Croco.  A tree was blown down in the Lakeside Village community east of Lake Perry, blocking the front door to a mobile home requiring outside assistance for the homeowner to exit.


 Reflectivity and Storm Relative Velocity of the Supercell Thunderstorms that produced the Tornados

 The supercell thunderstorm developed over southeastern Wabaunsee County dropping 2 1/2" hail onto Eskridge.  As the storm moved into southern Shawnee County, it began to rotate near Auburn and produced numerous funnel clouds and a brief touchdown across southwestern Topeka, then moving along the Kansas Turnpike into eastern Topeka and eventually across the Billard airfield.  There were also a couple reports of hail as large as 5 1/4" in Topeka.  The storm then redeveloped and produced a tornado over Perry Lake. Below is a map of the tornado tracks.

Click on image for an interactive map with more detail


 Tornado near Washburn Rural HSFunnel Cloud over Billard AirportFunnel over Billard AirportFunnel Cloud over South TopekaClose Up of the Funnel over South TopekaThree Distinct Areas of Rotation Under the Storm

Images of the Funnel Clouds and Tornados over Topeka.  Click to enlarge

 Funnel / Possible Tornado near Lake PerryWall Cloud over Jefferson County

Images of the Funnel and Tornado near Lake Perry.  Click to enlarge


Concession Stand at Washburn Rural HS Ball FieldTree Damage near Washburn Rural H.S.Roof Damage east of Washburn Rural H.S.Tree damage east of Lake Perry

 Damage near Washburn Rural high school and Lake Perry. Click to enlarge 


 Hail stone from EskridgeHail stone measuring 2 1/2" in EskridgeHail stones measuring 2" at Billard Municipal AirportHail stone measuring 3 1/2" from central TopekaHail From the Lake Perry Area

Some of the hail stones that fell in Eskridge, Topeka and Lake Perry.  Click to enlarge


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