Would you like detailed river information? Here it is!

Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service

Did you know...

That National Weather Service forecasts area rivers to the nearest 0.1 feet?   

That historical flood crest information is available for quick comparison?

That specific flood impacts (bridges overtopped, roads closed, buildings flooded) are known for specific flood crest heights?

Well it's all true!  The National Weather Service provides detailed river forecast information, particularly during times of flooding and elevated water levels.  The Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service is a highly informative site intended to provide valuable information specific to area rivers and large streams.  This web page is part of a series of internet articles, intended to introduce you to some of the services available on the NWS website with which you may not be so familiar, but you may find extremely useful.  For previous articles in this series, please follow this link., and be sure to check back to www.weather.gov/topeka in the coming weeks for information on additional services. 

How To Access and Use This Information

Step 1Go to www.weather.gov/topeka and click on the "Rivers and Lakes" link in the left-hand menu of the page, or follow this link directly to the page.

Step 2:  Here you will find a map of all river forecast points in the area.  They will be color coded by severity of flooding.  Click on your location of interest for much more information regarding the river at that specific point.  Use the arrows in the top left of the page to get river information in neighboring areas.
Step 3:  Here it is...your detailed graphical summary of recent river observations and forecast river levels!  
**  Current warnings and river statements are linked above the graph
**  The background is color coded by flood severity for specific levels 
**  Blue dots are measured river levels
**  The vertical line indicates the current time on the graph
**  Green dots are forecast river levels in the future

Additional Tips

Scroll down the page to find...
**  A list of historical flood crests for comparison to previous flood events
**  Specific impacts (closed roads, flooded buildings, etc) for specific crest heights
**  An interactive map detailing the location of the river gauge

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