Historical Perspective of the Extreme Heat of April 25

Historical Perspective of the Extreme Heat of April 25

The high temperature at Billard Airport in Topeka on April 25, 2012 was 97 degrees.  This shattered the previous record high for this day, 92 degrees, set in 1989.  Weather records for Topeka date back to June of 1887.  A record high temperature was also set at Blosser airport in Concordia.  The high temperature there was 94 degrees, breaking the previous record of 93 degrees, also set in 1989.  Weather records for Concordia date back to May of 1885. 

This also tied the record for the highest temperature ever measured in April in Topeka.  A 97-degree temperature was first recorded on April 6, 1893. 

The extreme nature of this level of heat in Topeka is also described by two other facts.  First, there have been seven entire calendar years since 1887 where the mercury did not reach at least 97 degrees.  The most recent year that this occurred was 1992, when the highest temperature was 94 degrees.  Second, temperatures of at least 97 degrees have only been recorded in May in seven previous years on record, most recently in 1998.


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