Flood Safety and Awareness Week March 18-22, 2013

The National Weather Service is observing Flood Safety Awareness Week March 18-22, 2013. Each day, the Rapid City National Weather Service will feature a different flood-related topic:

Damage from the Hermosa Flash Flood August 2007

Damage in Hermosa, SD
August 2007

Monday Flood Safety and Awareness
Tuesday Types of Floods
Wednesday Turn Around Don't Drown
Thursday Flood Risk and Flood Insurance
Friday The NWS Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service and Partner Services

Nearly every day of the year, a flood occurs somewhere in the United States. Over the past thirty years, floods kill an average of 95 people a year and cause an average of $8 billion in damages annually, making floods the most deadly natural disaster.

The goals of Flood Safety Awareness Week are to:

  • Inform the public about NWS forecast and warning services and flood information;
  • Heighten public awareness to the risks associated with all types of floods including flash flooding, storm surge, and those related to dam or levee failures; and
  • Empower citizens to take actions necessary to protect their lives and livelihoods.

Follow us each day to find out more and visit our Flood Safety Awareness Week Website.

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