7 March, 2003.
These are areal pictures of the ice jam on the Loup and Platte rivers nears Columbus, NE.

Click picture to enlarge.


Loup Canal and Platte River


Platte River and Loup Rivers


Platte River and Loup River meet


Platte River between Schuyler and Columbus


Quail Run Golf Course


Railroad bridge west of Columbus on Loup River


Sewage Plant


Loup River at Hwy 81 bridge


Railroad bridge on Platte River east of Loup Canal


Center of Loup River looking north near Hwy 81 bridge


Ice on sandbar in Loup River near Hwy 81 bridge


Loup River looking west fron dike next to Hwy 81 bridge


North bank of Loup River looking east near Hwy 81


Loup river at north side of Hwy 81 bridge looking east


South bank of Loup River near Hwy 81 looking east

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