Walnut Iowa Tornado Damage 8 May 2004

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Path of Tornado
(waltor) Picture was captured as the tornado hit Dave Blum's farm on the north-west edge of Walnut. It was taken from I-80 by some people passing by.
(dmg10) Garage that was destroyed at the same farmstead. The garage door was facing the north side and was closed when the storm struck.

(dmg12) Damage to a garage 3 miles south of Walnut. A person driving down the road stopped at this home and told the family to take cover from the storm. A large tree was uprooted and fell onto the corner of the garage. The person who drove to the farmhouse had her car parked in the driveway. Luckily, the tree fell on the garage and did not fall onto the car.
(dmg13) Barn 4 miles south southeast of Walnut that lost it's metal roof. The roof peeled off of the old roof shown here.
(dmg14) Barn or shed destroyed by wind 5 ½ miles south of Walnut. This damage was not caused by the tornado, but damaging winds.

(dmg15) This is a close-up of the damage in Picture of barn or shed in dmg14.
(dmg16) Another view looking to the north of the same barn or shed in dmg14 and dmg15.
(dmg17) This is a grain bin that was tossed about a ½ mile away from a farm approximately 3 miles south of Walnut.

(dmg2) This is an example of corn stubble that has collected along the shoulder of the highway on the west side of Walnut.
(dmg3) This is damage to a roof at a home on the west side of Walnut. The plastic sheeting is covering the damaged area on the roof.
(dmg4) Pine trees snapped off near the top on the west side of Walnut.

(dmg5) This is tree damage on the west side of Walnut.
(dmg6) More tree damage on the west side of Walnut.
(dmg7) Damage to a garage on the west side of Walnut. You will see a better photo of the damage in dmg10.

(dmg8) Damage to a home west of Walnut. This where the garage also was destroyed. Notice the dirt that "sandblasted" the house on the west side. Numerous homes where the tornado tracked had this "sandblasting"
(dmg9) Close up to the sandblasting to the home. There is also sandblasting on the south side of the building as well.
(dmg11) A healthy, big tree snapped at it's base on the southwest side of Walnut. A workman was cutting up this tree when we arrived.

(P1010056) Damage to a grain bins in Walnut
(P1010065) Damage to a grain bins in Walnut
(P1010070) Damage to a grain bins in Walnut

(dmg1) Damage to the baseball diamond on the northwest side of Walnut. Two of the wooden light poles are snapped and the fence was blown down

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