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Fargo ND, ND
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Fargo, Hector International Airport15:53Fair785443SW 18 G 2629.74
Moorhead Municipal Airport16:14Fair795545SW 10 G 2029.75
Fergus Falls Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting16:14Fair794632W 9 G 2129.79
Detroit Lakes Automatic Weather Observing / Report16:15Fair755041SW 929.79
Grand Forks International Airport15:53Partly Cloudy795341SW 16 G 2329.68
Park Rapids Municipal Airport15:53A Few Clouds765142SW 18 G 2629.80
Wadena Municipal Airport16:15Partly Cloudy755550SW 15 G 1829.81
Crookston Municipal Field16:14Partly Cloudy755754S 14 G 2029.70
Fosston Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting Sys16:15Fair755447S 20 G 2429.74
Bemidji16:09Fair735349SW 13 G 1829.76
Devils Lake Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting16:15Fair774836W 18 G 2829.69
Jamestown Municipal Airport15:56Partly Cloudy765447W 929.75
Waskish Municipal Airport16:12Fair735961SW 529.74
Hallock Municipal Airport16:13 Light Rain615583N 7 G 1029.70
Thief River Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting16:15A Few Clouds and Breezy755550S 2129.70
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