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Wahpeton ND, ND
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Fargo, Hector International Airport16:53A Few Clouds766058S 16 G 2429.80
Moorhead Municipal Airport17:35Fair756161S 1429.81
Fergus Falls Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting17:34Fair725453S 1429.85
Wadena Municipal Airport17:35Fair665568SE 929.91
Detroit Lakes Automatic Weather Observing / Report17:35Fair685769S 15 G 1829.87
Park Rapids Municipal Airport16:53Fair665465SE 1529.92
Grand Forks International Airport16:53Mostly Cloudy735859S 15 G 2529.75
Crookston Municipal Field17:34Fair725965S 1629.79
Fosston Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting Sys17:35Fair665568SE 15 G 2129.84
Bemidji17:29Mostly Cloudy625373SE 1229.90
Devils Lake Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting17:35Fair735961S 17 G 2529.66
Thief River Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting17:35Fair705560S 20 G 2329.80
Waskish Municipal Airport17:36Fair635473Calm29.89
Hallock Municipal Airport17:33Fair725557S 14 G 2629.73
Roseau Municipal Automatic Weather Observing17:34Fair665464SE 14 G 2029.80
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