Mrs. Ann Simpson:
Interview conducted May 14th, 2007

Mrs. Ann Simpson did not live in Fremont at the time of the tornado. She and her husband Don lived in St. Louis. However, Don was from Fremont. Shortly after the tornado occurred, Ann said that she received a phone call from her aunt who said that Fremont had been blown away. Her aunt had heard about it on the news in St. Louis. Don's mother, Maude Simpson and his sister Mary Lou and her husband lived in Fremont. After the call from her aunt, Ann and Don immediately drove down to Fremont that evening. Once they arrived at Fremont, Mr. Simpson jumped out of the car and talked to a man who was standing there, who happened to be a friend of his named Don. Ann said that her husband asked Don "Did she make it?" And Don said "No Don, she didn't." Ann's husband was asking about his mother, Maude. There was a state highway patrolman there who was preventing people from going into town. Ann remembers that her husband's friend Don told the patrolman "this man has every right to be down there."
Ann said that the first place they went to was Mary Lou's house. Ann recalls that "nobody wanted to go to bed, everybody was scared." Ann had a brother in town, which she knew was ok, but at 200 am, she decided to walk down the street to check on him. She knocked on the door and nobody answered. She went inside and saw that no one was home...she soon figured out why. She looked up and there was no roof on the house! Her brother was staying with someone else.

Mary Lou had been down at her mother's house (Maude), which sat right on Main Street. She was helping her mother clean up after a flood occurred about a week or two before. Mary Lou was down in the cellar with her mother helping her clean up, when she came up and looked outside. Mary Lou exclaimed, Mom it looks really bad and I've got some windows open back at my house; I better go up and close them. Mary Lou got to her house and closed her windows and she said to her kids, it looks really bad out there, let's go up where your Dad (Red) is at. Red had a garage up on Highway 60. Red was standing in the doorway watching the clouds it blew him out of the station but he was alright.  Mary Lou had loaded up her 3 kids and started to drive up the hill to the junction (Hwy 60) and she saw the school blow away.  She huddled her kids down in the car and a wire fell on the car. She looked up and saw Red running down the road to check on them. Ann made it clear that I needed to verify this story with her sister in law (Mary Lou).  I hope to be able to speak with Mary Lou and/or Red in the future. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.