D.J. Jones (Edward Jones)
Interview conducted June 19th, 2007:

D.J Jones was working about 10 miles south of Fremont cutting timber with his brothers. Someone had sent people to tell Mr. Jones that a tornado had struck Fremont and that he needed to come back to town. He remembers getting back into town around dark. By that time, townspeople had already found his wife, Marlene, son, DeWayne and mother, Della, had not survived the tornado. His daughter, Theresa, was found near his house, but was seriously injured. He says that the only way people were able to find her under the rubble was because she moved her arm and someone noticed her. He said that she spent 8 to 10 weeks in the hospital, and he remembers the numerous trips to Poplar Bluff to be with her. Mr. Jones's house was destroyed as well as his parent's house. Mr. Jones said that the tornado had pulled the plate right off the foundation and it was bolted to the foundation.  He also said that the tornado had blown his briefcase about a quarter to a half mile away from the house.
The documents inside were just fine. He mentioned that he remembers how blades of grass were embedded into the railroad ties from the two tie yards in town. He also remembers seeing a chicken with a straw blown through it. Mr. Jones, his brothers and his father moved to Winona while their homes were being rebuilt.  Mr. Jones's father stayed in Fremont until he died in 1988. One last thing Mr. Jones said was that he remembers the devasation to the school and how they were very lucky that school had just been let out the Friday before the storm hit.

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