Mr. Roy Greene:
Interview conducted May 14th, 2007

Mr. Greene was 17 years old at the time of the tornado. The first thing he remembers from that day was what the weather was like before the storm. "The air was almost so thick you could cut it with a knife", he said. He went on to say, "It was still, just dead still, very humid and it was the kind of day you just knew it just had to do something." "He remembers that he looked back towards the west southwest and it was black, but it was clear in town. He was outside and watching the storm as it was approaching and began to see the wind pick up in the trees. He said he soon realized that "something was going down." He said that he never had any experience with storms but he just knew that it was bad by how dark the sky was. "It was so dark, you had to have a light on to see by." He never did see the tornado, but stated that he had thought to himself "you better get underground."  So he took shelter in the storm cellar back behind his house, where his mother Gertrude and his three sisters joined him. He said that it was over in a minute but he described the noise he heard as a scream. "You could hear stuff popping together as it hit, like wood or whatever", he stated.  Roy revealed that the tornado probably started on the other side of Highway 19 in Shannon County, but that it was not too bad down there, but it was "building up a head of steam" as it headed toward Fremont. After stepping out of the cellar, he described the scene as a "wipeout". When asked if he was surprised to see damage of this magnitude, he said, "Not from what I heard while in the cellar. I knew it was going to be bad when we came out." Afterwards, he said "people began to gather up, looking for everybody." He said that his older brother was across the street in a store building, which had a basement. He had looked out and saw that the store was still standing, so he knew his brother was alright. Della Jones lived right next door and as you probably read from Junior Jones's interview, Della tried to warn her daughter in law (Marlene) and her two children about the tornado, but unfortunately, did not survive. Roy recalls, "As Della went by our house, she walked right up the hill past our house to get up to Marlene's, and Mom told her grab those kids and Marlene get back down here to the cellar." Roy said that the little girl, Theresa was found behind a rose bush, unconscious but alive. He said that his mother Gertrude babysat Theresa alot after the tornado. Roy and Junior Jones's younger brother Carl had found little Dewayne Jones about 150-200 yards from the house. Roy does not remember if the Red Cross had set up any shelters for the victims of the tornado, they just set up at the Methodist Church in town and gave out food and water. So he went to spend the night at his uncle's house out in the country.  His mother stayed with a friend in town and he wasn't even sure where his sisters ended up staying. "People just took other people in, relatives or not", he said.  His mother's house was heavily damaged and not inhabitable after the tornado.  "In the kitchen, there was a table and on that table was a tablecloth, and on top of that was an old mixing bowl that wasn't worth fifteen cents. After the storm, the table was there, and the old mixing bowl was there, but the tablecloth wasn't there!" is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.