My memory of the Fremont tornado…

I was about 6 ½ years old at the time and was with my parents (Don & Lois
Barkley) at Winona, standing on the porch of my grandparents’ (John & Esther
Barkley) home, looking at the sky, watching the tornado or the weather that
created the tornado, that hit Fremont. The mood was somber, anxious, foreboding.
My dad was holding me up so I could see and we were gazing in an
east-southeasterly direction, to where Fremont was located about 10 miles from
Winona. I remember the greenish-black clouds, the stillness, the quiet of that
awful day. When word was received that Fremont had been devastated by a tornado,
my dad, and probably other family members, went down there to help. My mom had
family (Norris, Jones) living there. ~Submitted by Donita Barkley. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.