Rainfall and Flood Forecasts... Click on images for full size 





DAY 1 rainfall...First 24 hours DAY 2 rainfall...24-48 hours DAY 3 rainfall...48-72 hours
Day 1 Rainfall Map Day 3 Rainfall forecast
Excessive Rainfall: 0-18 Hours River Flood Outlook: Next 7 days DAYS 1-3 Cumulative Rainfall
Excessive rainfall next 18 hours

River Flood Outlook

Day 1-3 Rainfall

Local River Level Forecasts are available on the AHPS website. Click on point of interest on AHPS website for a graphical depiction of the forecast river level.

Text Products (Caution: These products may not be recent, so be sure to check the date and time of issuance)...

Storm Total Precipitation Graphic from Paducah radar (use with caution since these are estimates only).
For regional or statewide precipitation maps, visit the experimental Precipitation Analysis website.

Click on graphic for full size and better resolution.

Storm Total Precipitation Estimate from Paducah radar


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