NWS Paducah Photo Gallery

 Photos were sent in by storm chasers or weather enthusiasts (Thank you!).   

Tornado photos

 Photo of weak tornado near Pinckneyville, IL on May 31, 2001Photo showing a weak tornado that briefly touched down about 7 miles north of Pinckneyville, Illinois, and produced no damage. This photo was taken by Connie Williams on the afternoon of May 31, 2001.  (Click on photo for full size). More details.

Photo of a weak tornado taken near Rend Lake in southern Illinois on April 12, 2005. Photo courtesy of Steve Hamilton. More details.

Photo of the same tornado shown in the preceding photo, taken from Sesser, Illinois. Photo taken by Deon Seiler. More details.

Photo of a weak tornado in eastern Todd County, KY on May 30, 2004. Photo taken by Nena Francies. More details.

Photo of F-2 tornado passing near Hopkins County Central High School, near Madisonville, KY on May 30, 2004. Photo from a video clip taken by Steve and Ann Moss. More details.

Photo of a weak tornado about 4 miles east of Hanson, KY near Madisonville on June 1, 2004. Photo courtesy of David and Amy Hill. More details.

t6.300.jpg (5449 bytes)Photo of the fatal F-3 Wayne County, Illinois tornado on April 21, 2002. Photo by Mary Hurley. More details.

t1.300.jpg (11535 bytes)Photo of a long-track, violent tornado near Van Buren, Missouri on April 24, 2002. Photo courtesy of Mike Gossett, National Park Service. More details.

Funnel Cloud Photos

Photo taken near Jackson, MO on April 12, 2005 by Nick Palisch. More details.

Photo taken from video from the KFVS-12 television towercam in Cape Girardeau, MO on April 12, 2005. Photo courtesy of KFVS-12. More details.

Photo taken near Gordonville, MO of the same funnel cloud as in the previous two photos on April 12, 2005. Photo courtesy of KFVS-12 television.

Lightning Photos

Photo taken June 1, 2004 near Eldorado, IL by Lee Allen.

2001 Lightning Photos (click on photos for full size). First photo shows where a lightning strike blew a hole in the ground around the roots of a tree, then travelled to a nearby house through pipes. The strike occurred around 8:15 P.M. on August 9, in the Jackson County community of Makanda. Photo courtesy of Ron Hertter, Jr. of the Carbondale (IL) EMA. Second photo below, from Mike Holland, was taken near Hurst, IL in July. Third photo from John Diebolt was taken in southern Illinois on July 3. 

Lightning struck this tree, creating a hole in the groundLightning streaks across the sky at nightCloud to ground lightning strike at night


View a satellite photo taken on January 9, 2001, showing where snow covers the ground over parts of Illinois and Indiana.

Photos of May 23, 2000 Storms (taken in Cape Girardeau County, MO and Union County, IL)

Thanks to John Diebolt  and Kevin Teegardner for contributing these excellent photos. 

Towering storm clouds just west of Cape Girardeau, Missouri

More towering storm clouds near Cape Girardeau

Lightning in clouds over Union County, Illinois











Most of the photos below were taken in southern Illinois in 1998 and 1999.

Lightning Photos 

Lightning at night over southern IllinoisTime-lapse exposure of a thunderstorm at night, showing numerous lightning strikesLightning at night illuminates a suspicious-looking cloud over southern IllinoisA cloud-to-ground lightning stroke during the daytime, near CarbondaleMore lightning over southern Illinois

Distant Thunderstorm (Cumulonimbus cloud) Photos

Classic cumulonimbus cloud in the distanceUnderneath the anvil of a cumulonimbus cloud, looking toward the rain shaftConvective towers viewed from an airplane in flightDistant thunderstorm observed over open countryBacklit cumulonimbus near Mount Vernon, IL, on 8/18/01

Shelf clouds, mammatus clouds, and close-ups of thunderstorm cloud bases

Possible wall cloud over southern IlllinoisSuspicious cloud over southwest IndianaApparent shelf cloud over southern IllinoisA wall cloud look-alike over southern IllinoisPossible tail cloud over southern IllinoisRain shaft from a storm over southern IllinoisApparent shelf cloud approaching

Miscellaneous Other Weather Photos

Rainbow observed from the Paducah National Weather Service officeCloud streets observed from aircraft over the western U.S.Interesting cloud formations viewed from aircraft


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