SUMMARY of F-2 or stronger tornadoes

F-3 (158-206 MPH) - MISSOURI - CITY OF JACKSON, MO  845PM 
  • F-4 in southern Illinois... The most intense tornado of the event began near the Ohio River in Pulaski County, Illinois and peaked at F4 intensity as it crossed western Massac County. The tornado killed two persons before entering Pope County and ending near the Ohio River at Golconda. This tornado was only the second F-4 tornado (winds 207-260 MPH) in the Paducah County Warning Area since 1990. Despite the very rural character of the tornado-ravaged area, about 125 homes were destroyed and at least another 150 were damaged. The maximum intensity of the tornado occurred west of Interstate 24 in Massac County, where F-4 winds swept a permanent home off its foundation into a creek. The residents of that house were among 38 persons injured in this 33-mile long tornado. The tornado blew over railroad cars of a passing train as it neared the Mermet Lake Conservation Area off U.S. Route 45. Both fatalities occurred prior to this point in the tornado's track. The tornado crossed Interstate 24 less than a mile south of the New Columbia/Big Bay exit in Massac County, near mile marker 28. Tractor-trailer rigs and a tour bus were overturned on the interstate, with injuries reported. The tornado crossed Illinois Route 145 right near the Pope/Massac County line. The tornado destroyed mainly farmhouses and farm buildings in rural Pope County. As the tornado reached the Golconda area, the Pope County High School and Elementary School sustained minor to moderate damage. The tornado finally dissipated about a mile north of Golconda just before the parent storm crossed the Ohio River into Kentucky.

  • Fatalities: In eastern Pulaski County, a 53-year-old male was killed when the chimney of his house collapsed on him. The man was protecting his son by lying on top of him when the collapse occurred. The son received only broken bones. In western Massac County, near the Hillerman and Mermet communities, a 65-year-old female was found dead in a ravine about 100 yards from her mobile home. The frame of the mobile home was wrapped around the trunks of two trees.

  • The F-3 tornado that struck Jackson, MO was likely spawned by the same supercell thunderstorm that produced both tornadoes in Bollinger County and another in far western Cape Girardeau County. This tornado was on the ground for about 2 miles. There were two injuries and zero deaths. Two homes were destroyed, vehicles were tossed, and many buildings were damaged.

  • F-2 tornado at Cairo, IL... A fairly long-track F-2 tornado was spawned just west of Cairo, Illinois in Alexander County. It tracked through Cairo, producing F-2 damage there. The tornado path clipped extreme northern Mississippi County, Missouri, before entering Ballard County, Kentucky. The tornado produced mainly F-0 and F-1 damage across southern Ballard County. The path ended in extreme southeast Ballard County, not far from Lovelaceville. The parent storm went on to produce F-0 and F-1 tornadoes near the McCracken/Graves County line and in Marshall County.

  • F-2 tornado in Bollinger County, MO... Just south through southeast of Grassy, Missouri, a F-2 tornado heavily damaged a home. The damage track was entirely in Bollinger County. This was the first significant tornado of the May 6-7 outbreak. 

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