December 22, 2004 Winter Storm

...Record snowfall up to two feet paralyzed much of the region...

  • Evansville - 22.3 inches (19.3" on Dec. 22 and 3.0" on Dec. 23). This storm set a new 24-hour snowfall record, and made this the second snowiest December for Evansville.
  • Paducah - 14.2 inches. This storm set a new 24-hour snowfall record, and made this the snowiest December for Paducah.

This winter storm was accompanied by gusty north winds that produced drifts up to 5 feet deep. Many roads were closed or impassable.  Interstate 64 in southwest Indiana was closed for about three days due to extensive drifting. On Interstate 24 in western Kentucky, a 29-mile long traffic jam formed from Trigg County into Lyon County. An estimated 1,000 people were stranded in their vehicles overnight. The National Guard was mobilized for both the Interstate 64 and Interstate 24 incidents. Traffic was reported stopped on other interstates as well, including the interchange of Interstates 55 and 57 in southeast Missouri.

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The above snowfall map depicts estimated average accumulations. Snow drifts ranged from 3 to 5 feet across much of the area that received from 10 to 24 inches.

Photo Collection:

1. Photo of State Route 168 about two miles west of Fort Branch, IN, where 20 inches of snow fell. Drifts were up to 5 feet.  Photo courtesy of Charlie Kiesel.

Photo of a section of Route 168 near Fort Branch, IN, showing drifts that nearly shut down the road.

2. Truck traffic stopped on ramp at the Interstate 24 and Purchase Parkway interchange in western KY. Courtesy of Rick Shanklin.

Traffic stopped on ramp at I-24 and Purchase Parkway interchange.

3. Collapsed greenhouses just off Interstate 24 in Paducah. Courtesy of Beau Dodson.

Collapsed greenhouses in Paducah

4. Car lot in Paducah, KY, courtesy of Beau Dodson.

5. Back yard photo taken near Paducah, KY. Courtesy of Christine Wielgos.

Photo of outdoor furniture taken in a back yard.

6. Heavy snow scene in Grayville, IL. Courtesy of Norm Bredenkamp.

Heavy snow scene in Grayville, IL.

7. Car buried in a snowdrift in Paducah, KY. Courtesy of Beau Dodson.

Car buried in a snowdrift in Paducah, KY

8. Snow removal operations in Metropolis, IL. Courtesy of Beau Dodson.

Road grader removing snow from a street in Metropolis, IL

9. Collapsed section of roof of a furniture store in Paducah, caused by the heavy snow. Courtesy of Beau Dodson.

10. Photo taken near Joppa, IL, where F-4 tornado occurred in May, 2003. Courtesy of Gail Stubblefield.

House shrouded in snow near Joppa, IL

11. Photo taken near Paducah, KY courtesy of Iris Garrott.

Photo of picnic table covered in snow in Lone Oak, KY

12. One of many vehicles that were abandoned in ditches. Photo taken in Massac County, IL, courtesy of Beau Dodson.

13. Photo of the I-24 exit 7 off-ramp in Paducah, KY. Courtesy of Beau Dodson.


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