Harris Grove, Kentucky Tornado of Nov. 24, 2001

The F-2 tornado that struck Harris Grove in southwest Calloway County occurred around 7 A.M. on November 24. Several injuries occurred, and close to half a million dollars damage was inflicted. More details are available here. Damage photos are posted below.

Damage photos, including aerial photos from flyover:

Click for full size. All photos taken by Rick Shanklin, Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the Paducah NWS office.

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Only about 48 hours later, another more serious tornado occurred one county to the south of Calloway County. One person was killed in that F-3 tornado in Henry County, Tennessee around 11:30 P.M., November 26.

Below is a map of the general area where both tornadoes occurred.

Visit our tornado page for more information on the "F-scale" or Fujita scale of tornado intensity.


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