Forecasters use the output from computer models to make their forecasts. Computer models mathematically simulate (or model) the fluid motion of the atmosphere. The output from these models gives the forecaster a picture of how the atmosphere will evolve... For example, how the jet stream will change strength and location, and how surface fronts and low pressure systems will move and change strength. By integrating the latest satellite, radar, and surface observations with the computer model data, the forecaster can evaluate the computer models and adjust the forecast accordingly . The format of most of the data below requires a trained meteorologist to interpret. For information on how well computer models perform, please visit the HPC (Hydrometeorological Prediction Center) web page that summarizes computer model strengths and weaknesses.

  MOS (Model Output Statistics) guidance

Visit the Meteorological Development Lab (MDL) website to learn more about MOS guidance.

NOTE: The ETA Model has been renamed the NAM model.

Cape Girardeau Cape Girardeau N/A Cape Girardeau Cape Girardeau
Carbondale, IL Carbondale N/A Carbondale Carbondale
Evansville, IN Evansville Evansville Evansville Evansville
Henderson, KY Henderson N/A Henderson Henderson
Hopkinsville, KY Hopkinsville Hopkinsville Hopkinsville Hopkinsville
Mount Vernon, IL Mount Vernon N/A Mount Vernon Mount Vernon
Paducah, KY Paducah Paducah Paducah Paducah
Poplar Bluff, MO Poplar Bluff N/A Poplar Bluff Poplar Bluff

More helpful MOS sites:  

National MOS guidance site

Click here for the production status of the latest model runs

Model Graphics

New! WRF model (run for SPC)

Experimental nested NAM forecasts
SPC Short-Range Ensembles Long-Range Ensembles (00Z GFS runs) 
Canadian Model NAM Experimental Precip Type Meteograms

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