NWS Weather Forecast Office Product Listing

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Product IdentifierProduct Description
ZFPZone Forecast Product
OZFZone Forecast
FTMWSR-88D Radar Outage Notification / Free Text Message
WSWWinter Weather Warnings / Watches / Advisories
FD4Winds Aloft Forecast
FD6Winds Aloft Forecast
FD7Winds Aloft Forecast
FD5Winds Aloft Forecast
CF6WFO Monthly/Daily Climate Data
WCRWeekly Weather and Crop Report
WDAWeekly Data for Agriculture
WCNWeather Watch Clearance Notification
HRRWeather Roundup
NOUWeather Reconnaisance Flights
TUVWeather Bulletin
ESSWater Supply Outlook
WWAWatch Status Report
WDUWarning Decision Update
VOWVolcano Warning
WSVVolcanic Activity Sigmet
VAAVolcanic Activity Advisory
FOFUpper Wind Fallout Forecast
DSAUnnumbered Depression / Suspicious Area Advisory
UVIUltraviolet Index
TSUTsunami Watch/Warning
TMATsunami Tide/Seismic Message Acknowledgement
EQITsunami Bulletin
TIBTsunami Bulletin
TWSTropical Weather Summary
TWOTropical Weather Outlook and Summary
TWDTropical Weather Discussion
TCVTropical Cyclone Watch/Warning Break Points
TCUTropical Cyclone Update
WSTTropical Cyclone Sigmet
PWSTropical Cyclone Probabilities
TCETropical Cyclone Position Estimate
TCDTropical Cyclone Discussion
TAVTravelers Forecast Table
TVLTravelers Forecast
TWBTranscribed Weather Broadcast
WOUTornado/Severe Thunderstorm Watch
TORTornado Warning
TIDTide Report
TAPTerminal Alerting Products
VFTTerminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) Verification
TAFTerminal Aerodrome Forecast
TPTTemperature Precipitation Table (Natl and Intnl)
MRPTechniques Development Laboratory Marine Product
SFTTabular State Forecast
SHPSurface Ship Report at Synoptic Time
SRFSurf Forecast
FWSSuppression Forecast
SDOSupplementary Data Observation (ASOS)
SCDSupplementary Climatological Data (ASOS)
SCCStorm Summary
SPFStorm Strike Probability Bulletin (TPC)
SWSState Weather Summary
PRCState Pilot Report Collective
STPState Max/Min Temperature and Precipitation Table
SFPState Forecast
STQSpot Forecast Request
SPSSpecial Weather Statement
SMWSpecial Marine Warning
SDSSpecial Dispersion Statement
SABSpecial Avalanche Bulletin
SAFSpeci Agri Wx Fcst / Advisory / Flying Farmer Fcst Outlook
SEVSPC Watch Point Information Message
SUMSpace Weather Message
WATSpace Environment Watch
WARSpace Environment Warning
ALTSpace Environment Alert
SOOSOO Product
SCNSoil Climate Analysis Network Data
SRGSoaring Guidance
SAGSnow Avalanche Guidance
SMFSmoke Management Weather Forecast
WS6Sigmet (West Coast)
WS2Sigmet (Southeast)
WS4Sigmet (South Central)
WS5Sigmet (Rocky Mountains)
WS1Sigmet (Northeast)
WS3Sigmet (North Central)
NOWShort Term Forecast
SPWShelter in Place Warning
SVSSevere Weather Statement
SVRSevere Thunderstorm Warning
WWPSevere Thunderstorm / Tornado Watch Probabilities
SWOSevere Storm Outlook Narrative (AC)
SELSevere Local Storm Watch and Watch Cancellation Msg
SLSSevere Local Storm Watch and Areal Outline
SCSSelected Cities Summary
STDSatellite Tropical Disturbance Summary
TCSSatellite Tropical Cyclone Summary
SPESatellite Precipitation Estimates (TXUS20 KWBC)
SIMSatellite Interpretation Message
SCPSatellite Cloud Product
CURRoutine Space Environment Products
WEKRoutine Space Environment Product Issued Weekly
MONRoutine Space Environment Product Issued Monthly
DAYRoutine Space Environment Product (Daily)
FWFRoutine Fire Wx Fcst (With/Without 6-10 Day Outlook)
RFRRoute Forecast
STORoad Condition Reports (State Agencies)
RVARiver Summary
RVSRiver Statement
RVRRiver Recreation Statement
RVIRiver Ice Statement
RVFRiver Forecast
RFIRFI Observation
HP3RFC QPF Verification Product
HP2RFC QPF Verification Product
HP8RFC QPF Verification Product
HP6RFC QPF Verification Product
HP5RFC QPF Verification Product
HP4RFC QPF Verification Product
HP7RFC QPF Verification Product
HP1RFC QPF Verification Product
HD8RFC Derived QPF Data Product
HD2RFC Derived QPF Data Product
HD3RFC Derived QPF Data Product
HD9RFC Derived QPF Data Product
HD4RFC Derived QPF Data Product
HD7RFC Derived QPF Data Product
HD1RFC Derived QPF Data Product
RDFRevised Digital Forecast
SYNRegional Weather Synopsis
RWSRegional Weather Summary
RWRRegional Weather Roundup
RTPRegional Max/Min Temp and Precipitation Table
RFWRed Flag Warning
RECRecreational Report
RERRecord Report
SGLRawinsonde Observation Significant Levels
MANRawinsonde Observation Mandatory Levels
ABVRawinsonde Data Above 100 Millibars
RFDRangeland Fire Danger Forecast
RNSRain Information Statement
RHWRadiological Hazard Warning
QPSQuantitative Precipitation Statement
QPFQuantitative Precipitation Forecast
TCPPublic Tropical Cyclone Advisory
PWOPublic Severe Weather Outlook
PNSPublic Information Statement
PMDPrognostic Meteorological Discussion
POEProbability of Exceed
PTSProbabilistic Outlook Points
LCDPreliminary Local Climatological Data
PREPreliminary Forecasts
SAWPrelim Notice of Watch & Cancellation Msg (Aviation)
PSHPost Storm Hurricane Report
PFMPoint Forecast Matrices
PLSPlain Language Ship Report
OUAOther Upper Air Data
OSOOther Surface Observations
OPUOther Public Products
OMROther Marine Products
OAVOther Aviation Products
OFFOffshore Forecast
OFAOffshore Aviation Area Forecast
OSWOcean Surface Winds
ADRNWS Administrative Message
NUWNuclear Power Plant Warning
NPWNon-Precipitation Warnings / Watches / Advisories
NWRNOAA Weather Radio Forecast
STANetwork and Severe Weather Statistical Summaries
NSHNearshore Marine Forecast
FSHNatl Marine Fisheries Administrative Service Message
FLNNational Flood Summary
RSMMonthly Snotel Data
HYMMonthly Hydrometeorological Plain Language Product
MOBMOB Observations
RVMMiscellaneous River Product
MISMiscellaneous Local Product
RRMMiscellaneous Hydrologic Data
FWMMiscellaneous Fire Weather Product
MTTMETAR Test Message
MTRMETAR Formatted Surface Weather Observation
MAPMean Areal Precipitation
TCMMarine/Aviation Tropical Cyclone Advisory
MWSMarine Weather Statement
MWWMarine Weather Message
MVFMarine Verification Coded Message
MIMMarine Interpretation Message
SSMMain Synoptic Hour Surface Observation
LLSLow-Level Sounding
LOWLow Temperatures
LSRLocal Storm Report
LFPLocal Forecast
LCOLocal Cooperative Observation
LAELocal Area Emergency
LTGLightning Data
LEWLaw Enforcement Warning
FWLLand Management Forecasts
LKELake Stages
KPAKeep Alive Message
SIGInternational Sigmet / Convective Sigmet
IOBIce Observation
ICEIce Forecast
IDMIce Drift Vectors
HMDHydrometeorological Discussion
RR9Hydro-Met Data Report Part 9
RR8Hydro-Met Data Report Part 8
RR7Hydro-Met Data Report Part 7
RR6Hydro-Met Data Report Part 6
RR5Hydro-Met Data Report Part 5
RR4Hydro-Met Data Report Part 4
RR3Hydro-Met Data Report Part 3
RR2Hydro-Met Data Report Part 2
RR1Hydro-Met Data Report Part 1
HLSHurricane Local Statement
HWRHourly Weather Roundup
BRTHourly Roundup for Weather Radio
HSFHigh Seas Forecast
PRBHeat Index Forecast Tables
FFHHeadwater Guidance
HWOHazardous Weather Outlook
HMWHazardous Materials Warning
GLSGreat Lakes Storm Summary
CPFGreat Lakes Port Forecast
GLFGreat Lakes Forecast
ADVGeneric Space Environment Advisory
FZLFreezing Level Data (RADAT)
FTPFOUS Prog Max/Min Temp/Pop Guidance
VERForecast Verification Statistics
FLWFlood Warning
FLSFlood Statement
ESFFlood Potential Outlook
FFAFlash Flood Watch
FFWFlash Flood Warning
FFSFlash Flood Statement
FFGFlash Flood Guidance
PFWFire Weather Point Forecast Matrices
FWDFire Weather Outlook Discussion
FWOFire Weather Observation
FWNFire Weather Notification
FWAFire Weather Administrative Message
FRWFire Warning
FDIFire Danger Indices
EWWExtreme Wind Warning
ESPExtended Streamflow Prediction
ESGExtended Streamflow Guidance
EVIEvacuation Immediate
RETEAS Activation Request
EQWEarthquake Warning
EQREarthquake Report
DGTDrought Information Statement
NOXData Mgt Message
RSDDaily Snotel Data
RVDDaily River Forecasts
HYDDaily Hydrometeorological Products
DDODaily Dispersion Outlook
CFPConvective Forecast Product
CHGComputer Hurricane Guidance
CMMCoded Climatological Monthly Means
CCFCoded City Forecast
CODCoded Analysis and Forecasts
CWFCoastal Waters Forecast
CFWCoastal Flood Warnings/Watches/Statements
CGRCoast Guard Surface Report
BRGCoast Guard Observations
CLSClimatological Report (Seasonal)
CLQClimatological Report (Quarterly)
CLMClimatological Report (Monthly)
CLIClimatological Report (Daily)
CLAClimatological Report (Annual)
CLTClimate Report
CEMCivil Emergency Message
CDWCivil Danger Warning
CAEChild Abduction Emergency
CWSCenter (CWSU) Weather Statement
CWACenter (CWSU) Weather Advisory
BOYBuoy Report
TCAAviation Tropical Cyclone Advisory
EOLAverage 6 To 10 Day Weather Outlook (Local)
AVAAvalanche Watch
AVWAvalanche Warning
RRAAutomated Hydrologic Observation Sta Report (AHOS)
RRYASOS SHEF Hourly Routine Test Message
MSMASOS Monthly Summary Message
DSMASOS Daily Summary
AWUArea Weather Update
AWSArea Weather Summary
AWOArea Weather Outlook
AFPArea Forecast Product
AFMArea Forecast Matrices
AFDArea Forecast Discussion
SATAPT Prediction
MAWAmended Marine Forecast
ADMAlert Administrative Message
ADAAlarm/Alert Administrative Msg
AWWAirport Weather Warning
FA6Airmets (West Coast)
FA2Airmets (Southeast)
FA4Airmets (South Central)
FA5Airmets (Rocky Mountains)
FA0Airmets (Pacific)
FA1Airmets (Northeast)
FA3Airmets (North Central)
FA7Airmets (Juneau, AK)
FA9Airmets (Fairbanks, AK)
FA8Airmets (Anchorage, AK)
WA6Airmet (West Coast)
WA2Airmet (Southeast)
WA4Airmet (South Central)
WA5Airmet (Rocky Mountains)
WA0Airmet (Pacific)
WA1Airmet (Northeast)
WA3Airmet (North Central)
WA7Airmet (Juneau, AK)
WA9Airmet (Fairbanks, AK)
WA8Airmet (Anchorage, AK)
URNAircraft Reconnaissance
ASAAir Stagnation Advisory
AQIAir Quality Index Statement
AQAAir Quality Alert
AGOAgricultural Observations
AGFAgricultural Forecast
TOE911 Telephone Outage Emergency
FD16 Hour Winds Aloft Forecast
FD86 Hour Fd Winds Aloft Fcst (45,000 and 53,000 Ft)
EFP3 To 5 Day Extended Forecast
FD024 Hr Fd Winds Aloft Fcst (45,000 and 53,000 Ft)
FD324 Hour Winds Aloft Forecast
FD912 Hr Fd Winds Aloft Fcst (45,000 and 53,000 Ft)
FD212 Hour Winds Aloft Forecast

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