Appendix to the report "Colorado State University lightning fatalities of 24 July 2008 - 2 graduate students fatally wounded on the CSU Fort Collins campus.

Below are photos of the "Sherwood Forest" area on the Fort Collins campus. Please return to the main report for more information about the location of this site. Photos courtesy of John Weaver (CIRA/CSU).



Fig 1) - Looking northwest towards the "Sherwood Forest" area. The Warner College of Natural Resources Building can be seen on the right.


Fig 2) -  Looking due north at the "Sherwood Forest " area.



Fig 3) - Wide view looking north-northwest into the area where the 2 men were practicing martial arts.




 Fig 4) - Looking south-southwest. The flowers mark the location where the 2 men were found.



Fig 5) Lightning damage to the tree which was struck by the flash. Some freshly stripped bark can be seen in the lower part of the image. Major damage to the tree begins near the top of the image (see images below).




Fig 6) - Damage to tree. In this figure and the figures that follow, note how the tree damage spirals around the tree.



Fig 7) - Damage to tree.



Fig 8) - Tree damage.



Fig 9) - Tree damage.




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