County by County flash information

number of Cloud to Ground (CG) lightning flashes (in thousands) which occur in each county in Colorado per year. These values were gathered by estimating the average flash density for each county, and then multiplying this value by the size of the county. Gilpin and Denver counties had values of 1.6 and 1.2 respectively. The new county of Broomfield is not in this da
ta set, and there are no plans in the immediate future to include this new county.

The actual average amount of cloud to ground lightning for the state of Colorado is ~517,000 flashes per year. This number was measured over a 9 year time period, 1996 through 2004 inclusive. 
Colorado was 18th in the nation with respect to lightning strikes. However, Colorado was 3rd when it comes to lightning fatalities. Visit this page for more state by state lightning strike information, and this page for state by state fatality information.

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Number (estimated) of CG lightning flashes per county in Colorado

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