Colorado "Day By Day" Lightning Casualty Statistics - 2010 - 2019

Welcome to the Colorado "Day By Day" Lightning Casualty Statistics page, Lightning Casualty Statistics section of the Colorado Lightning Resource Page. This page list (or will list) "day by day" lightning casualty statistics in text format for the entire state of Colorado from January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2019. The date, time, location (county), gender, age and a brief description are listed for each lightning casualty. Data compiled from STORM DATA plus other sources. For official data, please contact the National Climatic Data Center. For data in the 1980s, click here; for data in the 1990s, click here, and for data in the 2000s, click here.


26 May 2010, 12:30 MST (13:30 MDT), Adams County: A child was struck in the leg by lightning while watching television.

12 June 2010, 15:10 MST (16:10 MDT), Chafee County: A motorcyclist was struck and killed by lightning in Chaffee County on hghway 285, and died from his injuries a few days later at a hospital in Denver.

10 July 2010, 12:40 MST (1340 MDT), El Paso County: A man was struck by lightning while playing paintball outside. He was airlifted to Denver in critical condition.

03 August 2010, 15:00 MST (16:00 MDT), Boulder County: A hiker was struck while traversing "The Narrows" portion of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. The 31 year old man was struck late in the afternoon at an elevations of 13,800 feet after taking shelter under a rock ledge when the storm approached. The lightning apparently struck a rock then hit the man in the head. He was knocked out for approximately 14 hours and was not found until the next morning. The man suffered from numerous burn injuries. He was conscious and able to walk slowly. He recalled his hair standing on end but was unable to remember being hit by the lightning flash.

16 August 2010, 11:20 MST (12:20 MDT), Arapahoe County: A 14 year old girl was struck by lightning while washing her family's car. The flash hit in the street nearby, the electrical current then travelled up the stream of water coming from the car wash, and then injured the girl. She received minor injuries.


29 June 2011, 1350 mst (1450 mdt), Arapahoe county: Two airmen from the Colorado National Guard recieved minor injureis when they were struck by lightning. They were struck while on duty at a flight line at Buckley Airforce Base.

24 July 2011, 1400 mst (1500 mdt), El Paso county: Lighting struck at the Aztec Family Raceway, injuring 5 people.

31 August 2011, 1300 mst (1400 mdt), Custer county: Two men were setting up camp when they were struck by lightning. One man died  and the other was knocked unconscious.


26 September 2012, 1950 mst (2050 mdt), Denver county: A man was seriously injured when struck by lightning outside the Hebrew Educational Alliance as he and his family were getting into their vehicle. The victim stopped breathing, but was saved by his wife who performed CPR. 15% of the victims body was burned by the flash.


18 July 2013, 1400 mst (1500 mdt), Larimer county:  Nine (9) farm workers working the fileds of Grant Family far in Wellington were injured by a single lightning strike. Two were critically injured and all were transported to hospitals. The two critically injured people were semi-conscious, could not walk and had muscle weakness and tingling in their hands and feet.  Four other workers had serious injuries and three others had minor injuries.

18 July 2013, 1422 mst (1522 mdt), Larimer county:  A 65 year old women was struck by lightning in Rocky Mountain National Park. She was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

31 July 2013, 1345 mst (1445 mdt), El Paso county: Twelve (12) soldiers, involved in a training exercise, were struck by lightning  south of Butts Field on the north side of Fort Carson. Two soldiers were taken to a local hospital in Colorado Springs, one in critical condition. The other soldiers were taken to the base hospital for medical treatment and were later released.


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