2003 Lightning Safety Awards

The National Lightning Safety Institute (NLSI), Louisville CO announces the 2003 winners of the Annual Lightning Safety Recognition Awards. Recipients  are those groups and individuals who provide leadership for lightning safety issues and who serve as role models for others. This year’s Awards are in several categories:
    US Government Service (Organization) Award:

The NOAA Lightning Safety Awareness Week (LSAW) Team.

For three years of initiative in developing effective campaigns which achieved heightened awareness about lightning safety throughout the USA. See: www.lightningsafety.noaa.gov

    US Government Service (Individual) Award:

Steve Hodanish, Sr. Meteorologist, NOAA, NWS Pueblo Colorado.

For accomplishments in promulgating lightning safety information through the  Pueblo NOAA website Colorado Lightning Resource Page webpage: www.crh.noaa.gov/pub/ltg.php and personal volunteer efforts with local, state and federal groups.

    Individual (International) Award:

Hartono Zainal Abidin, Lightning Research Sdn Bhd, Kuala

Lumpur Malaysia. For conclusive studies into conventional  and unconventional engineering practices for lightning protection as they apply to the Malaysian infrastructure and for leadership within the local, national and regional IEEE organizations.

    Individual (International) Award:

Chandima Gomes PhD, Dept. Physics, University of Colombo Sri Lanka.

For leadership in hosting  educational conferences about lightning safety issues in Sri Lanka and the South Asia regional area and for teaching excellence at the University of Colombo Department of Physics.

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