Become a COOP Observer
for the NWS in Riverton!

Becoming an NWS Cooperative observer volunteer requires the following:
  1. Dedication to public service
  2. Attention to Detail
  3. Ability to learn and perform daily duties
  4. Willingness to allow NWS to place measuring instruments on your property
  5. Willingness to allow at least one visit per year from an NWS representative
Additionally, the following are useful, but not mandatory to become a COOP Observer:
  1. Ownership of a personal computer with model and familiarity with its basic uses
  2. Established Internet access
If you are selected to become an official NWS Cooperative station, NWS will provide you with the training and supervision you will need to perform your duties. Depending on your station's instrumentation, your site will be visited once or twice every 12 months, more if unscheduled maintenance or training required. Please remember that generally, volunteers receive no pay, though there are special circumstances which will allow for exceptions. Please call our 800 number and ask to speak to a COOP Program Participant  regarding any questions you may have.

Fill out the form below* to have our Data Acquisition Program Manager contact you about becoming a participant in the Cooperative Observer Program.

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