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Flash Flooding Near Buffalo

June 19, 2003 - Slow-moving thunderstorms over the same general area produced an estimated four to six inches of rainfall southeast of Buffalo Thursday evening.  Thunderstorms began forming south of Buffalo Thursday afternoon in a very moist and unstable southeast low-level flow combined with weak winds aloft.   By 6 PM,  the thunderstorms intensified with one storm covering Interstate 90 just east of Buffalo  with marble-sized hail.    Around 8 PM, two motorcyclists became stranded in flood waters after they exited Interstate 90 six miles east of Buffalo.   The riders managed to grab a fence and hold on until a rescue team arrived while their bikes washed away.  Numerous other roads south and southeast of Buffalo washed out.  The flood waters began to subside around 10 PM.

The graphic below depicts a radar image of storm total precipitation with estimates as high as six or more inches southeast of Buffalo.  The blue area represents four to five  inches of rainfall, red is five to six  inches, and the peach color is six to seven inches.  The peach color on the periphery of the radar range is not representative data. 

Storm Total Precipitation Image - June 16, 2003

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