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Cloudscape Stamps to be Released in Early October by the USPS

The U.S. Postal Service will issue 15-Cloudscapes commemorative postage stamps in early October 2004 to launch National Stamp Collecting Month.Cloudscape Stamps from the USPS.

Arranged according to altitude, nine of the ten basic cloud genera are depicted on this pane of fifteen stamps.*  Brief text on the back of each stamp identifies and describes that particular cloud type.

The fifteen cloud types shown on the stamp pane are:
Cirrus radiatus, Cirrostratus fibratus, Cirrocumulus undulatus, Cumulonimbus mammatus, Cumulonimbus incus, Altocumulus stratiformis, Altostratus translucidus, Altocumulus undulatus, Altocumulus castellanus, Altocumulus lenticularis, Stratocumulus undulatus, Stratus opacus, Cumulus humilis, Cumulus congestus, and Cumulonimbus with tornado.

Since 1981, the U.S. Postal Service has designated the month of October as National Stamp Collecting Month to introduce children ages 8-12 to this popular educational hobby.  The program also raises awareness about the recreational benefits of stamp collecting among all age groups.  To learn more about U.S. Stamps and stamp collecting, go to the Postal Service Collector's Corner at www.usps.com/shop.

*Nimbostratus, a dark, featureless cloud marked by falling rain or snow, is not included.

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