Christian & Taney County Tornadoes

...EF-1  Tornadoes in Highlandville area in Christian County...

Two tornadoes touched down in the Highlandville area in western Christian County.

EF-1 tornado damaged several residences and destroyed two mobile homes. One mobile home resident was injured by the tornado. The path width was 100 yards at the widest point along its 1.5 mile path length and lasted for approximately 5 minutes. The tornado lifted near U.S. highway 160 3 miles north of Highlandville.

Another EF-1 tornado touched down 1.5 miles southwest of Highlandville and tracked east northeast through the town of Highlandville and lifted  four miles east northeast of the city. This tornado damaged or destroyed numerous outbuildings along its 6 mile long track. The path was 200 yards wide at its widest point.

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