Tornado Paths - Benton and Morgan counties

Sunday March 12th, 2006

Tornado 1:
F-Scale: F0 west of Brandon

Path Length: ~5 miles    Width: 200 yards

Time: 355 - 400 P.M.

Tornado 2:
F-Scale: F2 in Gravois Mills

Path Length: ~6 miles     Width: 3/8 mile     

Time: 1025 - 1035 P.M.

Tornado 3:
Sunday March 12th, 2006





F-Scale: F0 north of Cole Camp

Path Length: ~6 miles     Width: 3/8 mile     

Time: 1025 - 1035 P.M.

Track Map

Benton Morgan Tornado tracks

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Morgan reflectivity

Morgan velocity

Morgan Reflectivity 2

Morgan Velocity 2

Event Summary

At approximately 1025 pm CST Sunday, a 3/8 mile wide tornado path was noted extending from
3 miles southwest of Gravois Mills, across state highway 5 just south of the intersection of CR-5-14,
across the Gravois Arm of the Lake of the Ozarks, to 5 miles east of Gravois Mills before lifting.

Most of the damage was rated F0 to F1, restricted to damaged homes, damaged/destroyed
outbuildings, mobile homes, and downed trees on homes/cars/outbuildings.  Five trailer
homes were severely damaged and one was overturned and essentially destroyed along
highway 5 about 2 miles south of Gravois Mills.  A wood framed garage was lifted and
destroyed on the east of the Gravois Arm with the contents remaining in place.

Within the wide path of damage, a narrow track of strong F2 damage to 3 framed homes
was observed near the lake, one on the west side of the lake, and two on the east side.
Numerous other homes had roof damage. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.