Tornado Paths - Vernon, St. Clair, Hickory, Cedar, Barton, and Dade Counties

Sunday March 12th, 2006

Tornado 1:
F-Scale: F2 south of El Dorado Springs

Path Length: ~38 miles    Width: 1/4 mile

Time: 847- 930 P.M.

Tornado 2:
F-Scale: F1 near Virgil City

Path Length: ~1 miles    Width: 200 yards

Time: 855- 857 P.M.

Tornado 3:
F-Scale: F0 Barton County in Hickory

Path Length: ~40 miles    Width: 30 yards

Time: 918- 1018 P.M.

Tornado 4:
F-Scale: F3 near Carsons Corner

Path Length: ~9 miles    Width: 1/4 mile

Time: 1017- 1035 P.M.



Track Map

west central missouri tornado track map


Radar Images

Reflectivity Images

Velocity Images

 Vernon reflectivity
8:47 P.M.

Vernon velocity 

 Vernon Cedar Reflectivity
8:56 P.M.

 Vernon/Cedar velocity

Cedar Reflectivity
9:05 P.M.

 Cedar velocity

St. Clair
9:26 P.M.

 St. Clair velocity

Polk Hickory Reflectivity
10:06 P.M.

Polk/Hickory velocity 1 

 Polk Hickory Reflectivity 2
10:19 P.M.

Polk/Hickory velocity 

 Polk Hickory Reflectivity 3
10:24 P.M.

Polk/Hickory velocity 3 

Event Summary

As part of an intense line of supercell thunderstorms...
And f0 tornado formed and touched down near Sheldon
Missouri in Vernon county uprooting and topping several
large trees. This tornado tracked northeast between
Bellamy and Rousertown to one quarter mile northwest
of Montevallo. Along this portion of the track the tornado
intensified to f1...destroying numerous farm buildings and
damaging several homes near Montevallo.

The path continued northeast from the Montevallo area
across the cedar county line to near U and highway
32...or about six miles south of El Dorado Springs. The
tornado intensified to an f2 as it struck a mobile home
park destroying several
outbuildings. Several vehicles...including farm
equipment...were tossed several hundred feet. There
were at least nine injuries at the trailer park.

Tornado intensity dropped back to an f1 as it moved
northeast across highway 39 near Hackleman corner
then to Leila store where several homes...a church...
and several outbuildings were severely damaged.
Just northeast of Leila store the intensity dropped to
f0. The tornado continued northeast across highway
54 near Hardyville and lifted about three miles south
of vista in St. Clair county.

Just north of Montevallo another f1 tornado track
was found from 1/2 mile southwest of Virgil City to 1/4
mile northeast of Virgil City in Cedar county. Several
homes and a church were damaged or destroyed. This
short-lived tornado had a width of 200 yards and
traveled almost one mile.

A third tornado touchdown occurred from Boston
Missouri (Barton county) to 3 miles east of Weaubleau
(Hickory county). This tornado did not touch the ground
very much but tree damage was evident along its 40 mile
track. Its maximum width was about 30 yards wide and
intensity level was on the low end of f0.

A fourth tornado track occurred from five miles west
of Pittsburg Missouri (Hickory county)...which is also on
the southwest shore of Pomme de Terre three
miles east of Hermitage Missouri. This was by far the
most intense tornado...reaching f3 intensity across the
Carsons corner area along highway 64. There was one
injury and numerous homes...
outbuildings...vehicles and boats damaged or destroyed.

This tornado touched down south of the Pomme de Terre
golf course and moved northeast across the southwest
corner of Pomme de Terre lake. Once on land...the
tornado moved about 4 miles northwest of Pittsburg
Missouri and intensified to f2. There was severe damage
to numerous homes and mobile homes. The tornado
continued across the lake and crossed land again near
damsite park...where it leveled a camping area and
destroyed numerous unoccupied campers.

The tornado moved northeast from damsite park as an f3
and crossed the Carsons corner area damaging a church
and destroying two stores...numerous buildings...part of
a hotel...and numerous and campers. The
tornado crossed highway 64 and severely damaged a home.
The tornado continued northeast as an f1 and finally lifted
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