Tornado Paths - Webster, Wright, and Laclede Counties

Sunday March 12th, 2006

Tornado 1:
F-Scale: F2 north of Fordland

Path Length: ~11 miles    Width: 1/4 mile

Time: 1103 - 1120 P.M.

Tornado 2:
F-Scale: F3 near Duncan

Path Length: ~40 miles    Width: 1/2 mile

Time: 1119 - 1150 P.M.

Track Map

tornado track map

Radar Images

Reflectivity Images

Velocity Images

 Webster reflectivity
11:16 P.M.

 Webster velocity
11:16 P.M.

 Webster/Wright Reflectivity
11:25 P.M.

Webster/Wright Velocity 
11:25 P.M.

Wright Reflectivity
11:34 P.M.

Wright velocity
11:34 P.M.

Event Summary

The same supercell that produced the tornado that
tracked from near Verona to southeast of Springfield
went on to produce another tornado shortly after
1100 pm in southern Webster county. This tornado
touched down approximately 4 miles north of Fordland
near ff highway. The tornado then tracked northeast-
ward for approximately 11 miles lifting just before
reaching p highway at approximately 1115 pm. Significant
damage was noted to trees and barns along the path
with the majority of the damage f0 to f1 intensity along
the path. The most intense damage occurred near ff
highway where two single wide mobile homes with steal
straps were completely demolished with debris
scattered well downstream.

The same supercell went on to produce another
tornado over eastern Webster county. This tornado
touched down around 1110 pm approximately 5 miles
north of Diggins. Eye-witness accounts and damage
survey results indicate that this was an extremely large
tornado...slightly larger than a half mile wide at times.
This tornado tracked northeast crossing into Wright
county just north of Duncan. The tornado continued to
track northeastward across Wright county tracking
just northwest of Durbin and just west of Jerktail. The
tornado then crossed into southeast Laclede county
near the community of Competition tracking northeast-
ward to a few miles northeast of Competition before
lifting at approximately 1150 pm.

Damage along the majority of the tornado track was
of f0 to f1 intensity...with hundreds upon hundreds of
trees uprooted and many power lines down. The tornado
primary remained over rural areas with structural
damage confined largely to barns and outbuildings. The
most intense tornado damage...f3 intensity...occurred in
far eastern Webster county where a well constructed
home was essentially destroyed with only interior walls
still standing. Debris from this home...including the
roof...was scattered up to a half mile downstream.
Surrounding the home a large swath of trees were
completely mowed down with every tree either uprooted
or snapped in half.

Additional strong tornado damage...f2 intensity...was
observed a few miles downstream over far western
Wright county where a strapped down double wide mobile
home was lifted and blown into a tree. The tornado width
was slightly larger than 1/2 mile wide as it moved from
eastern Webster county into western Wright county.
Indications from the damage are that the tornado began
to weaken considerably as it passed south of Grovespring
with primarily f0 damage with isolated spots of f1 tree
damage from south of Grovespring until it lifted in
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