Flash Flood Risk Analysis Project

Operational Demonstration

Flash flood prone areas including low water crossings are being utilzied in NWS warning operatins to interagate flash flood potential at specific locations. The flood points have been integreated into the Advanced Weather Informatin Processing System (AWIPS) where the points can be combined with multiple meteorological and geographical layers. Combining one hour and storm stotal precipitation with specific basin and low water crossing locations provides a much better assessment of flash flood potential.

In the image below storm total precipitation has been overlayed with river basins and low water crossing lociatons. The highlighted basins correlate to a specific low water crossing. In this event, both of the highlighted low water crossings flooded.


This four panel display within AWIPS allows the forecaster to easily view one hour, three hour, and storm total rainfall amounts and radar imagery. Low water crossings and correlating basins are overlayed depicting the flash flood risk areas. In this case, the low water crossing associated with the highlighted basins flooded.



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