Would You Like to be a NOAA Weather Radio Volunteer?


The National Weather Service in Springfield, MO is currently looking for reliable and dedicated members of the public to volunteer as NOAA Weather Radio monitors.  If you have a programmable weather radio, reliable internet access, solid knowledge of your radio’s function, and are available to monitor your radio nearly every Wednesday when we run the weekly test, you could help us to maintain the systems that ensure that vital Watches, Warnings, and Advisories transmit on NOAA Weather Radio in a timely and efficient manner.


As a NOAA Weather Radio volunteer, you will…


1. provide valuable information regarding the performance of our required weekly radio tests.

2. be given the opportunity to report when your radio activates during severe weather.

3. be able to provide us feedback directly regarding routine NOAA Weather Radio services.


To become a volunteer, you will need to provide us with some information about yourself and your equipment. We’re looking for volunteers that will be reliable and dedicated to public volunteership.  Here’s what we’ll need to know about you.


What is your name and/or organization?

- You can volunteer as an individual or set up an organization as a volunteer.


What email address would you like us to contact you through?

- Volunteers must have a valid email address to become a volunteer.


Is there a phone number where we can reach you?

- Providing a phone number is optional, but is highly encouraged. On rare occasions, we may desire to call you prior to a test to gain more detailed information.


Do you have reliable internet access?

- All volunteers will be required to submit their reports online through a web page form. Our staffing is not sufficient to handle a large volume of phone calls during the test.


What is the make and model of your programmable weather radio?

- A programmable weather radio is a requirement.


What transmitter is your radio tuned to?

- We need to know what transmitter you are monitoring to help us troubleshoot any problems that arise.


What is the closest town to where you live?

- We need to know your general proximity to the transmitter to help troubleshoot any problems that arise.


What is your availability to monitor the weekly test on Wednesdays between 11 AM and noon?

- Volunteers need to be willing to consistently submit test reports nearly every week.


How familiar are you with the operation of your radio?

- You must be very familiar with how your radio operates to effectively monitor the broadcast.


To apply, please follow the link below and enter your responses to the preceding questions. Contact information that you provide (name, email, telephone number, etc.) will only be used for the NOAA Weather Radio volunteer program. If you meet our requirements, we will contact you by email with further instructions.


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