Cooperative Observers for Springfield, MO 

Barry MO
U.S. Forest Service
Mrs. Louise Slack
Mr. Mike Meier
Barton MO
Kenlee & Sarah Calvin
Mr. Russell Pierson
Benton MO
Mr. Tom Eckhoff
Corp of Engineers
Bourbon KS
Mr. Rick McDaniel
Camden MO
Cedar MO
Mr. Ron Masters
KESM Radio
Mr. Gail Lawrence
Corp of Engineers
Cherokee KS
City of Columbus
Christian MO
Mr. Mike Lewis
Mrs. Zelda Jones
City of Ozark
Crawford KS
City Power Plant
Mr. Ralph Koger
Dade MO
Mr. Clifford Emanuel
Mr. Jerry Nieman
Dallas MO
Mr. Gus Payton
Dent MO
Mrs. Judy Cook
U.S. Forest Service
Douglas MO
Mrs. Missey Rogers
Greene MO
Mr. Oscar Cross
Hickory MO
Corp of Engineers
Howell MO
Alan & Cathy Joyner
KWPM Radio
Jasper MO
Mrs. Jennifer Chorum
Laclede MO
KJEL Radio
Lawrence MO
Mr. Ralph Ellison
Univ. MO - Southwest Center
Mrs. Carol Hirsch
Maries MO
Mrs. Frances Kaiser
McDonald MO
Mr. John Hobbs
Mr. Jerry Schroder
Miller MO
City Police Dept.
Mrs. Jennie Martin
Ameren - UE Electric CO.
Morgan MO
Waste Water Plant (Duane Miller)
Newton MO
National Park Service
City of Seneca Terry Fitch
US Fisheries
Mr. Donald Johnson
Oregon MO
Mrs. Audrey Purcell
Ozark MO
Angie Martin
Mrs. Doris Pinckney
Mrs. Irene Corp
Phelps MO
Dr. A.C.. Spreng
Polk MO
Mr. Joe Cornell
Janice Pavey
Mr. Michael Thompson
Mr. Earnest Hill
Roberta Flecher
Pulaski MO
Mrs. Martha Ferrer
Shannon MO
National Park Service
Mr. Jim Anderson
Psalms 24:1 Farm
St. Clair MO
Mr. Mark Ackerman
Dale Harper
Stone MO
Stone County Library
Taney MO
Corp of Engineers
Mr. Tom Snyder
Texas MO
Ted Scroggins
Mr. Paul McCallister
MO State Nursery
Mr. Raymond Holden
Vernon MO
Mr. Gerald Pilcher
City Water Plant
Webster MO
SHO ME Power
Wright MO
Mr. Roy Browne
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