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Volunteer spotters are an integral part of the NWS mission to protect lives and property.  The information below will provide information on how to become an effective storm spotter.


News and Information


NOAA icon   Spotter Class Schedule for 2013


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SKYWARN Spotter Training Online Class - MetEd


Spotter Training Modules


Click on the following links to enter the spotter training modules.  These modules are intended to be a refresher to those who have attended spotter classes presented by the NWS, and be an introduction to storm spotting to those who have yet to attend a spotter class.


These spotter training modules are not intended to be a substitute for attending the NWS sponsored spotter training course.  All volunteer storm spotters should annually attend NWS sponsored spotter classes.


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NOAA icon  Spotter Mission   -  What is the mission of a volunteer SKYWARN storm spotter?


NOAA icon  Spotter Reporting -  How does a spotter relay accurate and effective reports?


NOAA icon  Spotter Preparation   -  How does a spotter prepare for severe weather?


NOAA icon  Spotter Safety  -   How does a spotter stay safe?


NOAA icon  Squall LinesWhat is a squall line and how does a spotter identify it?


NOAA icon  Supercells  (under construction)


NOAA icon  Radar Interpretation (under construction)



Spotter Safety

NOAA icon  Safety Information


NOAA icon  Lightning Safety


NOAA icon  Turn Around Don't DrownTM.



Spotter References

NOAA icon  Severe Product Guide


NOAA icon  Download the Modified Brafford Storm Spotter Field Checklist (pdf)


NOAA Logo  Weather Glossary


NOAA icon  Storm Ready


NOAA icon  NOAA Weather Radio


NOAA icon  JETSTREAM -  NWS online weather training


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