A major tornado outbreak hit the area Sunday afternoon and evening of May 4th, 2003.  Supercell thunderstorms produced at least 15 tornadoes that resulted in extensive damage and 25 fatalities.  Several of the tornadoes tracked long distances ranging from 15 to 80 miles. More than 3000 homes and businesses were damaged by the tornadoes. 

The map and additional links below provides information on tornado tracks and damage.  Click on the links below or select the track of choice on the map.

bullet  Pierce City to Battlefield Missouri  bullet  Cherokee County to Carl Junction Missouri 
bullet  Girard Kansas to Liberal Missouri bullet  Camden County Missouri 
bullet  Liberal to Stockton to Urbana Missouri


 Radar Reflectivity Loop (1.5 MB )  Storm Relative Motion Loop (1.5 MB )


Click here for a meteorological synopsis of the event including satellite and radar imagery.


May 4th, 2003 Tornado Track Map



Click here for a a description of the Fujita scale (F-Scale) 


Three tornadic supercell thunderstorms formed over southeast Kansas after 4 pm Sunday May 4th.   Once the supercells developed, they raced eastward at 45 mph and cleared southwest Missouri early Monday morning.  


This was a very rare event for this part of Missouri since many of the tornadoes experienced across this area are short lived small tornadoes. This event will surpass the December 17 and 18 2002 mini tornado event in both loss of lives and property damage, and will probably exceed any tornado events that occurred over the past 100 Years for this part of Missouri.  


Since several long track tornadoes developed, several National  Weather Service survey teams had to be dispatched to perform damage assessment for each tornado path and touchdown.  

Click here for storm reports across the region on May 4th.

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