...Damaging Straight Line Winds and F1 Tornado Strike the Area...

During the early morning hours on July 4th, 2004, a damaging wind storm known as a derecho tracked across extreme southeast Kansas and far southern Missouri. Derechos are long lived lines of thunderstorms that produce widespread wind damage, and occasionally brief tornadoes. More information on derechos can be found here, on the Storm Prediction Center's website.

The July 4th derecho produced significant and fairly widespread wind damage across the Springfield National Weather Service area of responsibility, blowing down hundreds of trees and powerlines, and causing some structural damage to homes. The most significant damage was in Cherokee county Kansas and continued into Newton county Missouri, where a tornado briefly touched down in Hornet, Missouri. A National Weather Service damage survey determined that an F1 tornado struck the town of Hornet, producing estimated 80 to 90 mph winds, extensive tree damage, damage to several mobile homes, and also damaged a church. The  tornado was estimated to have been on the ground for about a mile with a width of around 150 yards wide.

Despite the fact that several homes were either destroyed or severely damaged in Cherokee and Newton counties, there were no reports of any injuries or fatalities with these storms.

Here are links for storm reports that occurred during this event:

bullet Local Storm Report for the Event
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bullet Track of the Derecho from SPC
bullet Local Map of Damage Track

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