WXCODER Information

One of the most important sources of weather data to the National Weather Service is provided by the dedicated observers we call COOP's, or Cooperative Observers.  These individuals record temperatures and precipitation data on a daily basis and relay the data to the National Weather Service office in Springfield using various means, from computers to programmable phones, ROSA pads, and telephone.  Other data, such as lake elevations, wire weight readings, and evaporation data is provided as well.

Large quantities of accurate data are required to produce a forecast that is representative across the southwest portion of the state, where topography plays a very important role in the decision making of a good forecast.  The more data we receive, the better forecast.

To make the relaying of this data to the National Weather Service offices easier, the Weather Forecast office in Chicago has designed a program called WXCODER, or Web Xmitted Cooperative Data Encoded Report.  The program, which is supported by the Central Region Headquarters in Kansas City, will be made available for use by all Cooperative Observers throughout the midsection of the country.

To utilize this program, all that is required is a computer with Internet access.  If you are a Cooperative Observer, and wish to use this program, call your National Weather Service Office in Springfield, MO.  Instructions for use will be provided by your Cooperative Program Managers.  Your CPM Team is comprised of the following individuals; Paul Murphy, Larry Dooley, and Gene Hatch.

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