Flooding Event Impacts

Waynesville / Pulaski County - August 6

5 to 8 inches of rain fell over the Texas and Pulaski county areas during the early morning hours of Tuesday August 6 primarily from  Richland to Ft. Leanord Wood to Licking.

  • Fatalities and a few injuries in the Mitchell creek area
  • 60-80 homes inundated
  • 100+ people in temporary shelter
  • Creeks/streams near record levels
  • Roubidoux record crest of 21 ft at Waynesville
  • 35 homes to be evacuated far western Maries county along Gasconade River
  • Residents evacuated homes in Jerome

 Rainfall Tuesday Morning August 6th
 Roubidoux River Hydrograph 
 Topographic Map of Roubidoux River Valley
 Topographic Map of Waynesville

Newburg and Phelps / Maries / Miller Counties - August 7

5 to 8 inches of rainfall fell during the early morning  hours of August 7 from Miller County southeast into Phelps County resulting in serious flash flooding particulary in the Newburg area of Phelps County along with eastern Miller and western Maries Counties.  Signifcant flash flooding impacted Newburg with at least 15 homes evacuated. Many roads were flooded or washed out

  • Evacuations in Newburg (Phelps County) - at least 15 homes evacuated and several buildings flooded.
  • Water rescues performed in eastern Miller and western Maries as well as Newburg.
  • All roads into Newburg are closed
  • Some homes flooded in Tusbumbia and Brumley (Miller).
  • I-44 closed between MMs 172 and 186, both directions - basically between Jerome and Rolla.  Gasconade River completely covering the interstate.  
  • Jerome reached record stage - 31.8 ft.  Previous record crest 31.34 ft on 12/05/1982
    Highway 63 that crossed over the Gasconade north/downstream from Jerome gage is closed.
  • Maramec Spring Park in eastern Phelps evacuated campgrounds shortly after 4 am. 
    loodwaters from the Gasconade River have caused a closure of three major roadways in Miller County.


Hollister / Taney County - August 8

Extreme rainfall amounts and rates impacted far southern Missouri along the Araknas border from McDonald County into Taney County resulting in serious flash flooding. Rainfall totals ranged from 5 to 9 inches.  Hollister, MO (just south of Branson) experienced significant flooding as a large flood wave came down Turkey creek which cuts through Hollister.

  • Holland mobile home park has had 15 structures flooded (1-2 possibly washed downstream).
  • An RV park has been completely evacuated.
  • Evacuations underway at another mobile home park (~15 homes) near Hidden Valley and Old Mill Rd.
  • Several businesses flooded in downtown Hollister.
  • Hollister area - 50 residential evacuations. 50-75 rescues from homes/cars. 2 mobile homes and 1 car washed away.
  • No injuries, none missing from Hollister.  Red Cross set up at New Beginnings Church.
  • 6.62" of rain measures at KBBG.  Branson COOP (colocated w/ Branson airport) measured 8" as of 7 AM.


 Roaring River - Barry County / Blue Eye - Stone County / McDonald County - August 8

Extreme rainfall amounts and rates impacted far southern Missouri along the Araknas border from McDonald County into Taney County resulting in serious flash flooding. Rainfall totals ranged from 6 to 9 inches.

  • In the community of Blue Eye (far southeastern Stone County), a retreat area with numerous cabins were flooded. Everyone was evacuated by bus.  
  • Town of Blue Eye in Stone county evacuated
  • Camp sites flooded in Roaring River State park. A deputy was dispatched to warn these campsites several hours in advance. Roaring River State Park evacuated in advance of the flooding.  All are accounted for.
  • A camp site in Noel, Mo (McDonald County) has flooded with campers currently stranded. A boat has been dispatched to rescue these individuals. At this time no known injuries or fatalities. 15 campers in Noel, MO (McDonald County) were rescued successfully.  Unfortunately, the sheriff's rescue boat's motor died and is now downstream and tied to a tree, MSHP boat is enroute to rescue.  This rescue is currently underway.
  • Vehicle washed off of Highway 90 near Jane in McDonald county that resulted in 1 fatality

Topographic Map of Roaring River State Park
Topographic Map of Blue Eye Area

    Big Sugar Creek Hydrograph                                                   Little Sugar Creek Hydrograph


Conway - Laclede County

A band of torrential rainfall impacted areas from far northeaastern Greene County into southern Laclede County where 2 to 4 icnches fell in a short period ot time. The most intense rainfall and serious flash flooding occurred in southwestern Laclede County in the Conway and Morgan areas.

  • Closure of Interstate 44 in a couple of locations near mile marker 112 and 118
  • Three feet of water was reported flowing over Interstate 44
  • A mobile home park was evacuated  near J and CC Highways.  Authorities had to rescue seven people.
  • Emergency management reported 10 homes flooded with one assisted rescue of an elderly person.
  • At least three vehicle water rescues occurred in the area.
  • No reports of fatalities or injuries
  • Numerous county roads flooded. Two bridges washed out.
  • Municipal sewer system at Conway impacted. Possibly some damage.  Initial reports were of a possible breach of the sewer system lagoon. Pumps were close to capacity and may have problems.   

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