Historic May 3rd, 2013 Snowfall for the Ozarks

National Weather Service, Springfield, MO

Snow across the Missouri Ozarks this late in the season is nearly unprecedented.   Since record keeping began in Springfield, MO in 1888, this is only the second time that measurable snowfall (0.1 inch or greater) has fallen in the month of May.  The only previous instance was on May 2, 1929, when 6.1 inches of snow fell.  So, while May 3rd, 2013’s 1.4 inches does not break the record for most May snowfall, it does set a new record for the latest observed measurable snow.   The latest that a trace of snow has been observed in Springfield was May 6th, 1944.


Along with the snow, the cold temperatures that occurred on May 3rd, 2013 are also record-setting.   For May 3rd, new daily record cold high temperatures were observed:





City                                    High Temperature     Previous Record High/Year


Springfield                                  36                                    48 / 1954

Joplin                                          43                                    51 / 1978

West Plains                                40                                    53 / 1978

Rolla/Vichy                                38                                    50 / 1954


Along with daily temperature records, May 3rd, 2013 also set new records for coldest high temperatures on record for the entire month of May.  Here are the previous monthly cold high temperatures: 


Springfield                                 43 (5/4/1935)
Joplin                                         46 (5/16/1945)
West Plains                                47 (5/2/2011)
Rolla/Vichy                                47 (5/1/1995 and 5/4/1978)

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