F5 Tornado in Brown County on this day in 1976

On April 19th, 1976, an F5 Tornado struck central Brown County between the cities of Bangs and Brownwood.  The tornado struck a farm about 5 miles north of Brownwood where it destroyed several outbuildings and a row of four houses.  It also struck the airport, north-northeast of the city where it destroyed several hangars and six aircraft.  The length of the tornado path was about 10 miles.

There were 11 injuries recorded with the tornado, but fortunately no fatalities.  One person survived the tornado in his bathtub, although the home was blown away.  Only the bathtub and the man remained.  Several teenagers were thrown as far as 1000 yards when they were caught in the open by the tornado, but amazingly were not killed. The tornado lifted approximately a half mile northeast of Highway 183.

Below is a map showing the path of the tornado.


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