Weather Spotter Information

Every year, the National Weather Service in Topeka presents severe weather safety and information talks which are open to the general public.  Presentations are typically around 90 minutes long, and are given by a meteorologist from our office. The show focuses on severe storm safety, preparedness, and awareness. Storm structure and accurate identification of important cloud features associated with supercell and squall line thunderstorms are also touched on. 

While attending a talk we provide you with our contact information.  We encourage everyone to call the NWS once it is safe to do so in order to pass along critical information about any severe weather you experience.  We may also call you at your home after the severe weather has passed to inquire about possible damage or hail size.

In addition to attending one of our annual talks, we ask that you complete an online spotter training course

This training is focused on the basics of convective weather and storm structure. We ask that all county spotters and others who are interested in becoming spotters to complete this training as an introduction into basic spotting concepts.  This training takes around 2 hours is split into 2 modules can be accessed at


Additional valuable online spotter training videos can be found via the

NWS Norman website


Here is the national Skywarn Spotter website with additional information on the network of volunteer spotters that make up the organization.


Finally, an updated reference guide is available for download.  Just follow the link below.

New and improved storm spotter reference guide for download.

If you have other questions, or for additional information about being a spotter,
please contact our Warning Coordination Meteorolgist.

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