NWR Programming Schedule

Routine Products:
These products play continuously, when available, in this order:
  • Station Identification
  • Hourly Weather Roundup
  • Radar Information
  • Short Term Forecast
  • Long Term Forecast
  • Area Weather Synopsis

Other Products:
These products play at certain times of the day, as noted, when available:

Climate Information 830-1030 AM, and 500-700 PM
Precipitation Reports 830-1000 AM, or when significant precip reports are received
High and Low Temperatures 830-10 AM
Kansas River Information 10 AM-Noon
Rangeland Fire Danger Index 500-10 AM, every 10 minutes
Road Conditions When available from Department of Transportation during winter weather
Weekly Alarm Test Every Wednesday at Noon


Station Identification States the call letters and frequency of the station you are listening to.
Hourly Weather Roundup Current weather conditions from around the area updated at the top of every hour.
Radar Information A detailed summary of precipitation noted on Weather Service radar...updated by 10 after every hour when precipitation is detected.
Short Term Forecast A one- to three-hour forecast of significant weather affecting North Central, Northeast, and East Central Kansas...updated around the top of each hour when signigicant weather is expected.
Long Term Forecast A 12- to 48-hour forecast of expected weather conditions including sky condition, temperatures, winds, and precipitation...updated at 4 AM and 4 PM and at other times when needed.
Area Weather Synopsis A summary of weather features that will affect areas within about a 300 mile radius of Northeast Kansas. Regional high and low temperature forecasts are also included...updated at 5 AM, Noon, 5 PM, and 10 PM.
Climate Information A summary of weather conditions from the past 24 hours or so, such as high and low temperatures, precipitation, and maximum wind speeds. Total precipitaion for the year and month, and sunrise/sunset information is also included.
Precipitation Reports 24-hour precipitation totals from spotters around North Central, Northeast, and East Central Kansas.
High and Low Temperatures 24-hour highs and lows from spotters around North Central, Northeast, and East Central Kansas.
Kansas River Informtation Morning Stage information from selected sites along the Kansas river along with 3-day forecast trend.
Rangeland Fire Danger Index The index approximates the degree of "spread-ability" of rangeland grass fires and ability to contain those fires. The five categories are Low, Moderate, High, Very High, and Extreme.
Road Conditions List of hazards on roadways across the area...mainly due to winter weather.
Weekly Alarm Test A test of the warning alarm function of NOAA Weather Radio. A signal to turn on the alarm of weather radios is sounded followed by a brief message stating the nature of the alarm.

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