February 2011 Climatic Summary

February temperatures were well below normal, averaging 6 to 8 degrees below normal. All locations reported below normal temperatures. Deadwood 2NE was the warm spot averaging 4.4 degrees below normal. Devils Tower in northeast Wyoming was the cold spot averaging 9.6 degrees below normal.
February was a wet month, with precipitation averaging 190 to 210 percent of normal. The wettest areas were across the northern Black Hills, Bear Lodge Mountains, and far northwest South Dakota, where precipitation averaged 250 to 300 percent of normal. The driest areas were across southwestern South Dakota where precipitation averaged 100 to 125 percent of normal. The wet spot was at Cole Canyon in the Bear Lodge Mountains of northeast Wyoming, where precipitation was 412 percent of normal. Ardmore 2N was the dry spot with only 50 percent of normal precipitation. The precipitation surplus for the month averaged 0.54 inches.
February was a snowy month with snowfall averaging 280 percent of normal. Across the northern Black Hills and Bear Lodge Mountains snowfall averaged 24 to 36 inches. On the plains of western South Dakota, including the central and southern Black Hills, snowfall averages 12 to 24 inches. The plains of northeast Wyoming averaged 8 to 18 inches of snow.

February storm summary...

February 5 - 7…A series of upper level disturbances moved across the region bringing heavy snows to the northern Black Hills and Bear Lodge Mountains, where 18 to 24 inches fell. On the plains of northeast Wyoming and far western South Dakota, snowfall was 1 to 3 inches.

February 19-20…A strong upper level storm system brought widespread snow to the region. Across northwest and central South Dakota 10 to 18 inches of snow fell with 5 to 10 inches aross the rest of the South Dakota plains. Across northeast Wyoming 2 to 5 inches of snow fell.

February 23-24…A strong upper level storm system brought 8 to 12 inches of snow to the southern and central Black Hills, southwest South Dakota and across Weston County in northeast Wyoming. Across the west central and south central plains of South Dakota 4 to 8 inches of snow fell…with less than 4 inches reported elsewhere.


LOCAL EXTREMES Rapid City Lead Gillette
Temperature Temperature Date Temperature Date Temperature Date
Max. Temp. 67 degrees 15th, 16th 53 degrees 15th 51 degees 16th
Min. Temp. -20 degrees 2nd -24 degrees 1st -23 degrees 1st
Precipitation Rapid City Lead Gillette
Monthly Data Amount Date Amount Date Amount Date
Precipitation 1.16 inches   2.50 inches   1.10 inches  
Snowfall 22.9 inches   35.0 inches   13.7 inches  
Daily Data Amount Date Amount Date Amount Date
Max. Precipitation 0.54 inches 20th 0.78 inches 5th 0.40 inches 21st
Max. Snowfall 9.7 inches 20th 13.7 inches 6th 4.0 inches 21st
REGIONAL EXTREMES Western South Dakota Northeast Wyoming
Temperature Temperature Site Date Temperature Site Date
Max. Temp. 73 degrees Winner 17th 60 degrees Colony 15th
Min. Temp. -31 degrees Hoover 2nd, 3rd -33 degrees Devils Tower 2nd
Precipitation Western South Dakota Northeast Wyoming
Monthly Data Amount Site Date Amount Site Date
Max. Precipitation 2.50 inches Lead   1.51 inches Upton 14 ENE  
Min. Precipitation 0.44 inches Ludlow 3SSE   0.35 inches Colony  
Max. Snowfall 35.0 inches Lead   19.8 inches Sundance  
Min. Snowfall 7.0 inches Mission 14S   7.1 inches Colony  
Daily Data Amount Site Date Amount Site Date
Max. Precipitation 1.12 inches Bison 20th 0.40 inches Gillette 4SE 21st
Max. Snowfall 18.2 inches Bison 20th 9.5 inches Newcastle 24th
Bison 02/20/2011 1.12 inches precipitation 0.80 inches precipitation 02/26/1998
Bison 02/20/2011 18.2 inches snowfall 10.0 inches snowfall 02/26/2009
Camp Crook 02/20/2011 12.0 inches snowfall 12.0 inches snowfall 02/22/1914
Camp Crook February 1.10 inches precipitation 1.10 inches precipitation 1909
Camp Crook February 23.0 inches snowfall 19.0 inches snowfall 2007
Faith 02/20/2011 0.91 inches precipitation 0.85 inches precipitation 02/28/1951
Interior 02/21/2011 9.0 inches snowfall 9.0 inches snowfall 02/27/1987
Lemmon 02/20/2011 10.0 inches snowfall 10.0 inches snowfall 02/27/1951
Long Valley February 2.33 inches precipitation 2.01 inches precipitation 2009
Long Valley February 25.0 inches snowfall 20.0 inches snowfall 1987
Rapid City Reg. Arpt. 02/20/2011 9.7 inches snowfall 8.7 inches snowfall 02/09/1953
Redig 11NE 02/20/2011 0.86 inches precipitation 0.80 inches precipitation 02/22/1979
Redig 11NE 02/20/2011 14.0 inches snowfall 9.0 inches snowfall 02/12/1907

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