March 5th Snowstorm, 1999 (page 2)

Aftermath via Satellite

The image below was taken at 2045Z (1:45 PM MST) and has a 1km visible resolution. The area surrounded in red shows where the snow fell on Friday, March 5th. The brighter white areas is the actual snowfall. It is interesting to note that the trees in the Black Hills mask the snow that is on the ground there. However, you can see the higher peaks in the Black Hills in this image. Just look closely in western Pennington and southeast Lawrence counties.

Between the yellow arrows is also an interesting, yet subtle feature. If you look real close you can see some "jagginess" between the arrows. To the left of the arrow line is snowcover. To the right of the arrow line is stratus clouds. Stratus clouds from the ground look very flat and gray with very little definition to them.

Finally, if you look into south central Montana to northeast Wyoming you see some fuzziness to the picture. This fuzziness is actually cirrus clouds as seen from the GOES-8 satellite. From the ground, cirrus looks wispy and cotton candy-like.

March 6th, 1999 1km Visible Image at 2045Z

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