March 2007 Climatic Summary

The month of March started cool with below normal temperatures through March 3. Light rain and snow fell on the plains with 5 to 10 inches of snow falling in the northern Black Hills. Well above normal temperatures and dry weather moved into the region on March 4 and persisted until March 13. On March 14 and 15 a weak storm brought cooler temperatures and some light rain and snow. Warm and dry weather returned on March 16 and continued through March 28. A strong upper level storm brought much colder temperatures and heavy precipitation to the region from March 29 through March 31. This storm dropped 1.5 to 2.5 inches of precipitation across the area with heavy snow falling across northeastern Wyoming and far western South Dakota. Snowfall of 6 to 12 inches fell in northeastern Wyoming. Across far western South Dakota 4 to 8 inches fell on the plains and in the southern and central Black Hills, with 8 to 16 inches reported in the northern Black Hills.
March was one of the warmest on record with temperatures averaging 8 to 11 degrees above normal. All locations reported above normal temperatures with several locations having the warmest March on record. Averages ranged from 11.1 degrees above normal at Deadwood 2NE to 6.2 degrees above normal at Winner.
Though much of March was dry, a powerful storm dropped heavy precipitation across the region over the last three days of the month. Thanks to this storm most areas saw above normal precipitation in March. Average precipitation was 170 to 190 percent of normal, with only southwestern South Dakota and areas just east of the Black Hills reporting below normal precipitation, where only 70 to 90 percent of normal precipitation fell. The wettest area was in northeastern Wyoming where most locations received more than double the normal monthly rainfall. Precipitation ranged from 575 percent of normal at Wright 12W in northeastern Wyoming to 60 percent of normal in Custer. The rainfall surplus for the month averaged 0.61 inches. Snowfall across the northern Black Hills and Bear Lodge mountains averaged 12 to 24 inches. On the plains of western South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming snowfall was generally 4 to 12 inches.


Temperature Data Rapid City   Lead   Gillette  
  Temperature Date Temperature Date Temperature  Date
Maximum Temperature 83 degrees 20th 70 degrees 12th, 25th 78 degrees 12th
Minimum Temperature 14 degrees 1st 7 degrees 2nd, 3rd 5 degrees 3rd
Precipitation Data Rapid City   Lead   Gillette  
Monthly  Data Amount Data Amount Date Amount Date
Precipitation 0.49 inches   2.84 inches   2.56 inches  
Snowfall 2.3 inches   26.2 inches   11.0 inches  
Daily Data            
Maximum Precipitation 0.23 inches 29th 0.98 inches 29th 6.5 inches 29th
Maximum Snowfall 1.8 inches 29th 8.2 inches 29th 1.55 inches 28th


Temperature Data   Western South Dakota     Northeastern Wyoming  
  Temperature Site Date Temperature Site Date
Maximum Temperature 85 degrees Harrington 25th 83 degrees Colony 12th
Minimum Temperature 0 degrees Ladner 9 SW 3rd -5 degrees Devil's Tower 3rd, 4th
Precipitation Data   Western South Dakota     Northeastern Wyoming  
Monthly Data Amount Site Date Amount Site Date
Maximum Precipitation 3.08 inches Deadwood 2 NE   3.16 inches Wright 12W  
Minimum Precipitation 0.66 inches Hot Springs   0.96 inches Newcastle  
Maximum Snowfall 26.2 inches Lead   16.0 inches Dillinger  
Minimum Snowfall Trace Several Locations   4.0 inches Newcastle  
Daily Data            
Maximum Precipitation 1.81 inches Dupree 15 SSE 29th  1.94 inches Wright 12W 28th
Maximum Snowfall 12.0 inches Harding 3 SE 30th 10.5 inches Dillinger 29th


Bison March 42.7 degree Avg. Temperature 40.5 degees 1986, 1946
Interior March 49.4 degree Avg. Temperature 46.8 degrees 1986
Lemmon March 40.3 degree Avg. Temperature 40.2 degrees 1986
Long Valley March 46.5 degree Avg. Temperature 42.5 degrees 1963
Maurine 10 SW March 41.1 degree Avg. Temperature 40.3 degrees 1986
Milesville 5 NE March 44.4 degree Avg. Temperature 42.7 degrees 1986
Mission 14 S March 42.7 degree Avg. Temperature 41.1 degrees 1968
Newcastle, WY March 42.8 degree Avg. Temperature 42.8 degrees 1986
Newell March 43.0 degree Avg. Temperature 41.2 degrees 1992
Oelrichs March 45.4 degree Avg. Temperature 43.0 degrees 1986
Pactola Dam March 37.5 degree Avg. Temperature 37.5 degrees 1986
Rapid City Regional Arpt. March 44.3 degree Avg. Temperature 43.0 degrees 1986
Redig 11 NE March 40.7 degree Avg. Temperature 40.1 degrees 1986
Spearfish March 46.1 degree Avg. Temperature 43.7 degrees 1986
Sundance, WY March 43.1 degee Avg. Temperature 40.9 degrees 1986
Wood March 43.3 degree Avg. Temperature 43.1 degrees 1963
Devil's Tower, WY March 2.39 inches rainfall 1.89 inches 1996
Colony, WY 3/12/2007 83 degrees 81 degrees 3/29/1943
Sundance, WY 3/12/2007 77 degrees 77 degrees 3/31/2004
Milesville 5 NE 3/12/2007 83 degrees 83 degrees 3/29/1967
Newell 3/13/2007 83 degrees 83 degrees 3/30/1943
Maurine 10 SW 3/13/2007      3/26/2007 83 degrees 80 degrees 3/28/1986
Rapid City Regional Arpt. 3/20/2007 83 degrees 82 degrees 3/29/1943    3/31/1946   3/12/2007 
Redig 11 NE 3/12/2007 80 degrees 79 degrees 3/29/1943

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