July 2007 Climatic Summary

The month of July was hot and dry with most of the severe weather occurring during the first half of the month. On July 1 severe thunderstorms brought hail to the size of golf balls to the plains of Pennington, Ziebach and Meade counties. Severe thunderstorms on July 2 dropped hail to the size of quarters on the central Black Hills. Scattered thunderstorms developed over the Black Hills on July 3 with penny size hail near Custer. July 6 and 7 were very hot with temperatures over 100 common.  Cottonwood hit 111 degrees and Faith 107 on July 7. Severe thunderstorms also struck Pennington and Meade counties on July 7, with penny size hail and wind gusts to 64 miles per hour. On July 8 severe thunderstorms dropped hail to the size of half dollars over Crook county and the western portions of Lawrence and Butte counties. A strong upper level disturbance on July 9 brought widespread severe weather to western South Dakota. Winds of 60 to 80 miles per hour were reported across south central South Dakota while central and northwestern South Dakota had numerous reports of hail to the size of quarters, with baseball size hail falling in St. Onge. From July 10 through July 12 temperatures were slightly below normal with dry weather. Above normal temperatures and dry weather returned for July 13 through July 16. On July 17 severe thunderstorms brought tennis ball size hail and winds to 80 miles per hour to south central South Dakota. Severe thunderstorms on July 18 developed across the Bear Lodge Mountains, southwestern South Dakota, and the Black Hills. These storms produced hail to the size of baseballs from Hill City to Buffalo Gap. In Hill City 6 to 8 inches of hail was reported on the ground. Heavy rains caused minor flooding in Hot Springs. In Hulett, Wyoming baseball size hail fell and strong winds blew trees over. July 21 through July 25 again saw temperatures over 100 degrees on the plains. Isolated severe thunderstorms on July 25 produced winds of 70 to 90 miles per hour in Meade county. On July 26 isolated severe thunderstorms produced hail to the size of quarters in the central Black Hills. The last 3 days of July were hot and dry with temperatures well into the 90s to lower 100s.
July was a very warm month with temperatures averaging 5 to 7 degrees above normal. As was the case in both May and June, all locations reported above normal temperatures.
July was the warmest on record in Oelrichs with an average temperature of 80.2 degrees, at the Rapid City Airport with an average temperature of 79.7 degrees, and at Redig 11NE where the average temperature was 78.3 degrees. Averages ranged from 8.0 degrees above normal at Redig 11NE to 3.2 degrees above normal at Winner.
July was a very dry month with precipitation averaging only 50 to 70 percent of normal across the region. Only 5 locations reported above normal precipitation as isolated strong thunderstorms brought heavy rain to them. Precipitation ranged from 203 percent of normal at Faith were 5.38 inches of rain fell to only 3 percent of normal at Winner where only 0.10 inches of rain fell. July was the driest on record at Interior where 0.29 inches of rain fell, and in Wood where 0.09 inches of rain fell. Winner’s 0.10 inches was the second driest July on record.

Local Extremes

Temperature Data Rapid City   Lead   Gillette  
  Temperature Date Temperature Date Temperature  Date
Maximum Temperature 109 degrees 7th 94 degrees 7th, 23rd, 24th 101 degrees 22nd
Minimum Temperature 46 degrees  11th 44 degrees  11th 47 degrees 11th
Precipitation Data Rapid City   Lead   Gillette  
Monthly  Data Amount Data Amount Date Amount Date
Precipitation 1.20 inches   2.65 inches   0.90 inches  
Snowfall 0.0 inches   0.0 inches   0.0 inches  
Daily Data            
Maximum Precipitation 0.79 inches 25th 1.16 inches 26th 0.79 inches 26th
Maximum Snowfall 0.0 inches   0.0 inches   0.0 inches  

Regional Extremes

Temperature Data   Western South Dakota     Northeastern Wyoming  
  Temperature Site Date Temperature Site Date
Maximum Temperature 112 degrees Maurine 12SW 8th 105 degrees Colony
Dillinger      Weston 1E
Minimum Temperature 37 degrees Medicine Mtn. 11th 40 degrees Devil's Tower 11th
Precipitation Data   Western South Dakota     Northeastern Wyoming  
Monthly Data Amount Site Date Amount Site Date
Maximum Precipitation 5.38 inches Faith   2.60 inches Hulett  
Minimum Precipitation 0.09 inches Wood   0.53 inches Dillinger  
Maximum Snowfall 0.0 inches     0.0 inches    
Minimum Snowfall 0.0 inches     0.0 inches    
Daily Data            
Maximum Precipitation 3.12 inches Faith 26th 1.30 inches Hulett 19th
Maximum Snowfall 0.0 inches     0.0 inches    

Monthly Records

Oelrichs July 80.2 degree Avg. Temperature 79.9 degrees 1954
Rapid City Reg. Arpt July 79.7 degree Avg. Temperature 79.3 degrees 2006
Redig 11NE July 78.3 degree Avg. Temperature 78.1 degrees 2006
Interior July 0.29 inches rainfall 0.30 inches 1988
Wood July 0.09 inches rainfall 0.31 inches 1955

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