August 2007 Climatic Summary

The first two days of August were warm and dry, On August 3, a more active pattern set in producing severe weather from August 3 through 6. Severe thunderstorms developed on August 3 from Rapid City to south central South Dakota producing a wide range of severe weather. A tornado was reported 11 miles southeast of St. Francis in Todd county. There were numerous reports of tennis ball size hail and larger, with softball size hail reported 2 miles south of Rapid City. In southern Todd county some small stream flooding occurred, with minor street flooding reported in Rapid City. Damaging winds were also reported in Shannon county. Isolated severe thunderstorms developed on August 4 in Weston and Custer counties. Quarter size hail was reported in Custer county near Pringle, with winds of 60 miles per hour reported near Osage. On August 5 severe thunderstorms struck central and south central South Dakota. Large hail to the size of quarters and damaging winds of 60 miles per hour were reported with these storms. An isolated severe thunderstorm produced winds of 60 miles per hour in Tripp county on August 6. August 7 through 13 saw hot weather with scattered thunderstorms over a few areas. A front boundary stalled over northeastern Wyoming and western South Dakota from August 14 through 22. The front was a focus for scattered thunderstorms, with the heaviest rains occurring on August 17 and August 19.  On August 17 severe thunderstorms developed from Piedmont to Pine Ridge.  Heavy rains of 4 to 6 inches in less than 3 hours caused flash flooding in Hermosa where several homes were damaged. In Piedmont a severe thunderstorms produced softball size hail and flooding. Severe weather occurred again on August 19 with penny size hail in Gillette and 60 mile per hour winds near Hill City.  On August 22  a strong cold front produced scattered thunderstorms, with an isolated severe thunderstorm producing 70 mile per hour winds and golf ball size hail near Gillette in northeastern Wyoming. August 23 through 25 saw cool temperatures and widely scattered showers and thunderstorms. It was hot once again on August 26 with a cold front moving across the area late in the day. August 27 though 29 saw a return to cool temperatures and a few showers before hot and dry weather returned for the last two days of August.
August was a warm month with temperatures averaging 1.5 to 3.5 degrees above normal. Only two locations reported below normal temperatures. Averages ranged from 4.5 degrees above normal at Newcastle in northeastern Wyoming to 0.8 degrees below normal at Faith.
August was a very wet month with precipitation averaging 150 to 200 percent of normal across the region. Only 5 locations reported below normal precipitation. Precipitation ranged from 450 percent of normal at Mission 14S were 8.54 inches of rain fell to 75 percent of normal at Milesville 5NE where only 1.47 inches of rain fell. The 8.54 inches of rain at Mission 14S made it the wettest August on record. Winner also had the wettest August on record with 6.88 inches of rain. The average rainfall surplus was 1.03 inches.


Temperature Data Rapid City   Lead   Gillette  
  Temperature Date Temperature Date Temperature  Date
Maximum Temperature 107 degrees 13th 92 degrees 13th 95 degrees 7th, 10th, 13th, 31st 
Minimum Temperature 48 degrees 29th 43 degrees 25th 45 degrees 29th
Precipitation Data Rapid City   Lead   Gillette  
Monthly  Data Amount Data Amount Date Amount Date
Precipitation 2.82 inches   2.98 inches   2.04 inches  
Snowfall 0.0 inches   0.0 inches   0.0 inches  
Daily Data            
Maximum Precipitation 0.86 inches 24th 1.13 inches 17th 0.53 inches 22nd
Maximum Snowfall 0.0 inches   0.0 inches   0.0 inches  


Temperature Data   Western South Dakota     Northeastern Wyoming  
  Temperature Site Date Temperature Site Date
Maximum Temperature 111 degrees Cottonwood 2E 14th 103 degrees Newcastle 14th
Minimum Temperature 34 degrees Ladner 9SW 25th, 26th 40 degrees Upton 14 ENE 25th
Precipitation Data   Western South Dakota     Northeastern Wyoming  
Monthly Data Amount Site Date Amount Site Date
Maximum Precipitation 8.54 inches Mission 14S   3.46 inches Devil's Tower  
Minimum Precipitation 0.94 inches Ladner 9SW   0.74 inches Dillinger  
Maximum Snowfall 0.0 inches     0.0 inches    
Minimum Snowfall 0.0 inches     0.0 inches    
Daily Data            
Maximum Precipitation 4.30 inches Mission 14S 4th 1.05 inches Devil's Tower 23rd
Maximum Snowfall 0.0 inches     0.0 inches    


Mission 14S August 8.54 inches of rain 5.11 inches of rain 1980
Mission 14S 8/4/2007 4.30 inches of rain 3.95 inches of rain 8/20/1959
Redig 11 NE 8/18/2007 2.78 inches of rain 2.77 inches of rain 8/26/1978
Winner August 6.88 inches of rain 6.42 inches of rain 1962

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