October 2011 Climatic Summary

October temperatures were very warm, averaging 2 to 4 degrees above normal across the area. Well above average temperatures were found across northeast Wyoming, northwest South Dakota, and the Black Hills area, with Dupree the warmest at 4.7 degrees above average. Slightly cooler, bust still above average temperatures occurred over far south central South Dakota, with Mission 14S being the coolest at 1.7 degrees above average.

Precipitation in October averaged 60 to 70 percent of normal across the area. The driest areas were across the central and northern Black Hills and adjacent plains, where precipitation averaged less than 40 percent of normal. Spearfish, Ft. Meade, and Wasta were the driest areas with less than 20 percent of normal. The wettest areas were across southern parts of northeast Wyoming, and across southern South Dakota. The wettest location was Wright 12W in Wyoming, where precipitation was 222 percent of normal. The precipitation deficit for the month averaged a little more than 0.50 inches. Only trace amounts of snowfall were reported across the area, with Pactola Dam being the only location to record measurable snowfall. One half inch of snow fell on the 30th.

October storm summary...

October 6th and 7th – A strong storm system moved through the northern plains, bringing gusty southerly winds, and spawning numerous strong to severe thunderstorms. Strong winds, large hail, and a few funnel clouds were reported across parts of northeast Wyoming and the South Dakota plains during the late afternoon and evening hours of the 6th. Hail as large as 1 to 2 inches fell from just south of Rapid City to near Buffalo Gap. Wind gusts as strong as 70 to 80 mph were reported across Jackson and Todd counties and also in the Upton Wyoming vicinity. Strong southerly winds of 35 to 45 mph continued through the afternoon of the 7th across much of the area.

October 12th, 13th, 23rd, and 29th – Windy conditions were observed across the area with no reports of significant damage.

LOCAL EXTREMES Rapid City Lead Gillette
Temperature Temperature Date Temperature Date Temperature Date
Max. Temp. 96 degrees 2nd 84 degrees 1st 90 degrees 1st
Min. Temp. 16 degrees 27th 23 degrees 26th 18 degrees 26th
Precipitation Rapid City Lead Gillette
Monthly Data Amount Date Amount Date Amount Date
Precipitation 1.38 inches   1.05 inches   1.26 inches  
Snowfall 0.0 inches   Trace   0.0 inches  
Daily Data Amount Date Amount Date Amount Date
Max. Precipitation 1.01 inches 6th 0.51 8th 0.39 inches 17th
Max. Snowfall 0.0 inches   Trace 14, 17, 25, 26th 0.0 inches  
REGIONAL EXTREMES Western South Dakota Northeast Wyoming
Temperature Temperature Site Date Temperature Site Date
Max. Temp. 96 degrees Cottonwood 3rd & 6th 92 degrees Weston 1 E 1st
  96 degrees Rapid City 2nd      
Min. Temp. 12 degrees Hill City 27th 15 degrees Upton 14 ENE 27th & 30th
Precipitation Western South Dakota Northeast Wyoming
Monthly Data Amount Site Date Amount Site Date
Max. Precipitation 2.10 inches Reddig 11 NE   1.33 inches Wright 12W  
Min. Precipitation 0.28 inches Wasta   0.68 inches Upton  
Max. Snowfall 0.5 inches Pactola Dam   0.0 inches    
Min. Snowfall 0.0 inches     0.0 inches    
Daily Data Amount Site Date Amount Site Date
Max. Precipitation 2.10 inches Reddig 11 NE 6th 0.94 inches Colony 7th
Max. Snowfall 0.5 inches Pactola Dam 31st 0.0 inches    

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