May 19-20, 2011 Heavy Rain across Western South Dakota and Northeastern Wyoming

A slow moving storm system produced two to four inches of heavy rain over the Black Hills and western South Dakota.  The rainfall began during the early morning hours of May 19 and continued through the moring of May 20. Rainfall amounts of two to four inches were common across the area, with the heaviest precipitation along the eastern slopes of the Black Hills. In the higher elevations of the Black Hills, several inches of snow fell mainly above 5000 ft. Up to a foot of snow was reported in the Deerfield area. A generalized graphic of the rainfall amounts is displayed below as well as individual precipitation amounts received by the National Weather Service in Rapid City.


May 19-20, 2011 Rainfall



Rapid City 3SSW 3.07 inches
Rapid City 7SW 2.98 inches
Black Hawk 2.95 inches
Rapid City 2W 2.95 inches
Hill City 2.91 inches
Piedmont 1NW 2.91 inches
Hill City 2.90 inches
Pactola 4S 2.80 inches
Rapid City 4SW 2.80 inches
Rapid City 5SW 2.80 inches
Rapid City NWS 2.79 inches
Rapid City 2WNW 2.77 inches
Rapid City 3WNW 2.76 inches
Newell 3SW 2.74 inches
Rapid City 8WNW 2.74 inches
Hot Springs 2.71 inches
Oelrichs 7SW 2.62 inches
Silver City 2.62 inches
Whitewood 4NNW 2.58 inches
Hermosa 2.55 inches
Hermosa 3SW 2.54 inches
Rapid City 11NW 2.54 inches
Rapid City Airport 2.48 inches
Pactola Reservoir 2.47 inches
Oelrichs 11SSW 2.46 inches
Rapid City 5ESE 2.46 inches
Martin 13W 2.44 inches
Buffalo 19SW 2.43 inches
Newell 2.40 inches
Martin 15W 2.38 inches
Camp Crook 2.37 inches
Belle Fourche 5NE 2.36 inches
Edgemont 2ENE 2.29 inches
Porcupine 11N 2.28 inches
Wall 1ENE 2.23 inches
Wall 13SSE 2.17 inches
Batesland 7NNE 2.16 inches
Martin 19ENE 2.16 inches
Hoover 2.15 inches
Martin 11E 2.15 inches
Martin 13NNE 2.00 inches
Spearfish 8W 1.97 inches
Oral 1.96 inches
Elm Springs 3ESE 1.93 inches
Newell 2ENE 1.83 inches
Spearfish 1.74 inches
Opal 1.70 inches
Hulette 33WNW 1.65 inches
Oglala 1S 1.62 inches
Red Elm 10WSW 1.60 inches
Gillette 3WNW 1.57 inches
Bison 8SE 1.53 inches
Faith 36W 1.53 inches
Edgemont 14NW 1.52 inches
Gillette 16N 1.49 inches
Zeona 10 ESE 1.45 inches
Bison 24SW 1.43 inches
Gillette 1.39 inches
Kadoka 1.39 inches
Bison 8W 1.36 inches
Cottonwood 2ESE 1.35 inches
Gillette 13NNW 1.32 inches
Gillette 1.31 inches
Wright 23ESE 1.31 inches
Edgemont 1.25 inches
Newcastle 17S 1.25 inches
Faith 22WSW 1.13 inches
Beulah 6SW 0.91 inches
Shadehill 7SW 0.89 inches
Lemmon 11SW 0.76 inches

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