NOAA Weather Radio Program

The NOAA Weather Radio broadcast provides local forecasts, weather conditions, and storm warnings. The program for each transmitter is tailored to its broadcast area–a range about 40 miles–to limit the number of alerts sounded. The information is repeated every four to six minutes, depending on the weather situation. Sometimes, especially during winter storms, the cycle is longer; during severe thunderstorms and flash flooding, the cycle is shorter to give you critical information more quickly.

Standard NWR Program

The following products are available on NOAA Weather Radio all the time, unless preempted by higher priority weather warnings.

Local Forecast
A forecast of precipitation, sky condition, high and low temperatures, and wind for the next 48 to 60 hours. Updated at 4:30 AM and 3:30 PM every day and other times as necessary.

4 to 7 Day Forecast
A general forecast of precipitation and high and low temperatures for the next 4 to 7 days. Updated at 3:30 PM every day.

Short Term Forecast
A more detailed forecast for the next one to four hours describing precipitation trends or significant wind or temperature changes. Issued as needed during active weather events.

Regional Weather Synopsis
A description of the weather features that will affect the northern Plains through the next few days. Updated at 4 AM and 4 PM daily and other times as necessary.

Hourly Weather Roundup
Current temperatures, sky condition, precipitation, and wind at local weather stations; general temperatures and weather conditions for stations around the area and region. Updated hourly at five minutes past the hour.

Other Products on NOAA Weather Radio

The following products are available during the times specified below.

Climate Summary
Temperature, precipitation, and wind data for local automated weather stations. The Rapid City Regional Airport and National Weather Service office report also includes the normal and record temperatures and monthly and yearly precipitation totals. Plays from 7 to 9 AM and 7 to 9 PM each day.

Grassland Fire Danger Statement
Today’s predicted fire danger for the western South Dakota prairies. Plays every 12 minutes between 5 to 7 am daily from April through October; only if the fire danger is very high or extreme November through March.

Watch, Warning & Advisory Information

Watches, warnings, and advisories are broadcast as necessary during storms.

* Indicates the weather radio tone alarm is sounded

Hazardous Weather Outlook
Describes the area and timing of potential severe thunderstorms, winter storms, high winds, and excessive heat. Available in the morning if any of the hazardous conditions are possible within the next 24 hours through seven days.

* Severe Thunderstorm & Tornado Watches
Information on potential severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Watches are typically in effect for four to eight hours.

* Severe Thunderstorm & Tornado Warnings
Information about severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, including area affected by the storms. Warnings are usually valid for 30 minutes to an hour with information updated every 15 to 20 minutes.

* Flood Watches
Information on the potential for flash flooding. Watches are typically in effect for six to 12 hours for flash flood situations; 12 to 36 hours for other flooding.

* Flash Flood Warnings
Information about actual flash flooding, including creeks, rivers, and areas affected by the flooding. Warnings are usually valid for one to six hours with information updated every one to two hours.

Flood Statement
Issued for minor flooding on city streets and underpasses or along creeks or to provide updated information about flood warnings.

Winter Storm Watches, Warnings, Advisories & Outlooks
Information on winter storms, including blizzards, heavy snow, and ice storms. Updated every three to six hours as the storm progresses.

High Wind Watches, Warnings, & Advisories
Information on wind storms. Updated every six hours.

* Flood Warnings
Information on flooding along rivers and creeks due to heavy rain, snowmelt, or ice jams.

* Civil Emergency Message
Information about wildfires, chemical spills, explosions, radioactive releases, or terrorist activities and protective actions people need to take. The information is provided by local emergency managers.

Air Pollution Alerts
Issued for dust or smoke that elevates pollution levels in Rapid City.

Miscellaneous Information

* Weather Radio Tone Alarm Test
A test of the NOAA Weather Radio 1050Hz signal used for warnings. Conducted every Wednesday between 1100 AM and Noon Mountain Time and Monday between 700 PM and 800 PM Mountain Time (unless severe weather is occurring).

Record Reports
Issued when new high and low temperatures and precipitation records are set in Rapid City.

Public Information Statement
Provides information on new products and services from the National Weather Service, seasonal safety information, and unusual or interesting weather conditions.

If you want to make comments on what you hear on NOAA Weather Radio, you may e-mail the Rapid City National Weather Service or write to:

National Weather Service
Attn: NOAA Weather Radio
300 East Signal Drive
Rapid City, SD 57701

Please include the station you listen to, your location (direction and distance from a town), type of receiver you use (weather radio, scanner, amateur radio, two-way or mobile radio, and/or external antenna) and the quality of the signal.

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